Monday, July 23, 2018

When You Act Like You Are Special, You Only Prove That You Aren't

suit and watch

People with "cheap attitude + expensive suit + mentality that stinks is = "Trash"

I know many of you experience and saw trash people. Like you line up for a coffee and they budge in with their flashy suit and expensive watch like they own the world then look at you up and down, down and up. Like they were saying "oh poor! get a job, have a life!" then they order directly without noticing that there is a line. Cause they think their special? No they're not.

Don't ever talk back or reason your way with them. "Ignore them". Why?

Because it wasn't worth it. People who have that kind of low and degrading attitude towards someone they don’t even know are not worth dignifying with a response. The moment you respond it's all over. You have fallen to the gravity of their cheap ego and arrogance.

I remember one time when I was sitting on a bench of a convenient store. Drinking my cold coffee. I saw and notice some students. Most likely middle school students. They were picking on this kid, they were like teasing him about his smart-phone which is an old model phone. I remember one of them said. "What? Your father can't afford you a new one? Guess life sucks on both of you!" Then the bullies laugh like it was nothing. The kid had no reaction or whatsoever. But I can clearly see the embarrassment and sadness in his eyes.

You see to those kids they think they are special because they have the luxury and privileges. Privileges given to them by their parents. Bragging and wasting their parents hard earn money with those cheap attitude. A great example are todays young men and women. Boasting their inherited fortune thinking they are adults  and act like children.

They’re cheap. Not in the way they are raise,the way they look, the way they spend, the way they earn or the way they move. Cheap in the way they treat other people especially people they don't even know.

Assessing other peoples life and fortune just to compare to your own. So that you can look down on them and make yourself feel good and give yourself that shallow satisfaction is fucking "douchebagy " thing. Don't try to make yourself big and great by making someone else look small. The moment you think you have the right to belittle others because you are better than they are is the moment you prove you have no power. It's the moment you are covering something deep within you.

It’s definitely what’s on the inside of a person, in their minds, in their hearts, in their actions that counts. The elegant suit, expensive watch, brand new fruity gadget, shiny car, $60 haircut can just be a mask of deep insecurities.

Accept your flaws, embrace, overcome it.

Let me give you some advice, bastard. Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour and it can never be used to hurt you.

-Tyrion Lannister (GOT)

In the end of the day. The bottom line is we are all humans. We breathe the same air. We eat the same kind of food. We bleed the same substance called blood. We live in this polluted Earth. We are all gonna die. We are all the same. The difference is how you live with it. So don't act mighty and special because we are not.

Be humble, respect, have dignity and honor.

Stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

Image credits to the original owner from pexels. (Anonymous) "Forgot the name, if you are the contributor of the image at pexel fell free to message me."

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

11 Direct And Practical Money Saving Tips

A lot of money

As we all know humans have natural instinct to waste time and money on unworthy invaluable nonsense. Because we want to show off to our friends and people we don't even know. So if your one of them and want to make a little change, having a hard time saving money? You should do this. I personally do this list.

1. Live below your means.
Which means don't waste money above your income. If you have a 10,000 dollar a month income
be sure that you do not spend more of what you've earned a month within a month. I live cheap, I don't buy mainstream clothes and apparels. As long as it looks good and feels good I'm more than happy with that. Don't get carried away by the hyped of buying new gadgets as soon as the new model or version is released or available. As long as it still works and function to its purpose, don't buy. Decide on your own don't let this greedy corporation manipulate you. You are a free spirit no one gets a hold of you.

2. Choose a modest home.
You don't need a football field kind of house, Its expensive to build and maintain. I know everyone has it's dream house. But always consider this in mind if you are buying a property then ask yourself this. "Is this worth the investment?" In this kind of purchase consider it as an investment. That's why you need to think, plan and risk.

3. Forget about elegance, but don't forget class.
Remember you are not born to impress other people. Back to number 1. (live below your means). The only person you need to impress is yourself no one else. You will know when your doing great is when you get jealous of yourself.

4. Look for freebies accept the free serviced offered.
Free stuffs are great. Don't be shy to ask or get freebies and discount or promos. It's also a good way of observing how other company and entrepreneurs market their products and services.

5. Eat healthy. Eat moderately.

Eat what is good and healthy for you. Also with the right amount you need. Like they say health is wealth, it's cliche but it will get you off on certain times or mostly all of the time. Eat meat a lot of meat it help develops the muscle and make the jaw stronger. Balanced it with fruits and some vegetables. I personally eat egg, one egg a day plus a lot of milk and sometimes coffee. I brewed my own coffee, I don't buy on star-bucks. You should also start brewing your own coffee. (Don't ask me why.)

6. Cut down on stuffs.
All of your stuffs like jeans, bags, gadgets, etc. If you can't recycle it. Sell it on garage sale or in the Internet, or junk shop. Common sense will tell you that don't buy stuff you don't need. Common sense also mean basic knowledge. So if you can't follow common sense. I don't know whats common for you.

7. Have multiple income work.
Regular work plus par-time work, or either way. Use the other work to your fun and expenses and save the other one. Or you can start creating your own work and start making a bunch of money for yourself not for your employer.

8.Never loan or purchase stuff in credits. Debt is slavery.
My personal law to this is don't buy stuff you can't buy in cash or in full. Because its an indicator that you don't work more enough, strive and reach your goals. Debt is slavery. The words explain itself. Having debt is like being chained. Chained by the responsibility of paying. You are bound to it, you are a slave to it. Are you a slave?

9. Only buy what you need.
This one is self explanatory. Why the f*** would you buy things you don't need?
Don't get fooled by biased greedy marketing. You are not seven years old anymore. Some kids know their priority than most adults.

10. Keep your parties/occasion simple, enjoyable and awesome.
You can still have fun with just a wine and talking about how to get even richer. Be practical as much as possible. Always mingle and attract people who have the same mindset and goals as you. People who will challenge, motivate and brought the best in you. Because to these people, grand overprice party are just a boast to them. You don't need to brag because this people know what you are capable of.

11. Invest your money.
The best way to save and earn more money is using money to create more money. Invest it. Start a little business. Open your self to entrepreneurial ventures that stick to your passion. Or you can invest it to yourself to learn skills that will be beneficial to earn more and make more. The risk is there, it is still up to you.

All those tips are already known to humanity. You can also see it on other and different websites.
So that's it gentlemen. If you have your own way of saving or making more money you can leave a comment or send me an email.

Stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

Image credits to the original owner from pexels. (Anonymous)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

10 Things In Life You Need To Do Right Now

seaside horizon with a car on the road

Many times I wonder of what should I be doing next.

I already done and experience a lot of stuff. One of them is this list. I found this great list a long time a go like few years back. I want to share this with you because maybe. You can experience the same thing I did. I will not tell that experience because it will take a lot of blog pages and its better you discover it yourself. Life has already tailored you your path its up to you to take and suit it up.

1. Travel alone.
Have time to be away from everything. Rediscover your purpose in life by going to places you've never been before. Explore new things, experience different cultures, learn new languages and meet different people. Replenish your soul with excitement and exploration. It will create many opportunities for you, and room for improvement and personal growth. Traveling alone will teach you how you become independent and confident. It will also help you conquer fear you never knew you had.

2. Look for your true self.
This is the perfect time to make your passion your profession. Chase your dreams; follow where your heart wants to go. Do things that make you feel happy. Never settle for good enough, be the best version of yourself. Look for your purpose. Along the way, you will discover things that will clearly define you as a person. Embrace this and let success flow everything else will follow.

3. Cut the clutter.
Choose and keep the right people in your life. Associate with people who you want to be like. You're not going to imitate them, you will learn from them, grow from them, and discover your true voice. These kinds of people will bring cheerfulness. They will motivate you and remind you that you're on the right track. Creating a positive environment around you attracts success and it makes your vision clear. It also creates a healing space that foster growth that opens a door for opportunity. Everything will become lighter because positivity brings happiness. So never waste a space in your life for a negative vibe.

4. Don't be afraid to take risks.
If you're tired of where you are right now, reevaluate your situation. Are you just working to live and survive another day or you want something you will never get tired of doing because you love it? Learn to weigh things around you. Pursue what makes you happy. Risk, in order to see the things on the other side of the bridge. Be brave enough to quit and start anew. Don't be afraid to stop doing things that don't deserve your path. Risking redefines your thought processes and it optimizes opportunities. So never be afraid to risk because some of the greatest adventures in your life will come from things you never realized were possible.

5. Balance your personal and professional life.
We only have 24 hour time period every day so make every second count. Never waste a moment being unproductive. Master the art of time management. Have time for yourself, to have fun and enjoy things in life. Have time for your family, spend precious moments with people you love. And have time for your professional growth. You have to spend your days wisely.

6. Be grateful.
Make it a habit of saying "thank you" to people when they do something for you. You don't know what kind of storm they are experiencing, so become their rainbow. Be the light. Share you kindest smile. Appreciate them. It looks like a small effort from you. but for them, it completes their day. Never keep positivity within you, share it with everyone you meet.

7. Do something different and crazy.
Sometimes, being normal is boring and redundant. You need to stretch out of your comfort zone. Jump, even if you don't know what lies beyond. Put excitement in your life that yo can look back on and laugh hard when you become old.

8. Become someones happy pill.
Drink a shot of happiness every day because the brain works best when you are happy. Always give time to read, let your mind wonder on the realms of literature and poetry. Explore the creativity of your mind. Read some books, write poem, make inspiring stories.

9. Renew your faith.

Being an adult means a lot of work and stress. Sometimes, you will lose time and balance for everything, including your personal relationship with God. I'm not saying to change or enter a religion. What I'm trying to say is "have faith". When things don't go the way we want to or when all hopes are gone, everything seems to drift away. We keep on questioning and doubting God's plans for use. Switch it over into praise. Use the situation to rebuild your relationship with Him. God wants you to communicate. The reason why He takes something away from you is because He wants you to discover greater things in store. The best way to renew your faith is to surround yourself with God. Pray a lot. If you don't believe in God I'm sure you have something you do believe in.

10. Accept the fact that the world is filled with hard times and unfairness.
Quit complaining. Do not think about things you cannot change. Focus your attention on things you can act upon. Reward yourself when you have done something great. In order to become successful, you must embrace change and motivate yourself. Remember, people won't love you just because you love them. Think before you commit. Don't let your thoughts run in your tongue.

Always remember. Stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

Friday, July 13, 2018

Two Wrong Reasons Why Men Pursue Women Today

Why do men pursue women? Is it to find pleasure Is it to feel romance Is it to look after her heart Is it to fill that longing to be loved. There are a lot of different reasons why men pursue women and ask for their love and affection. I want to talk about the 2 wrong reasons why men pursue women today.

These ideas were derived from John Eldredge’s book “Wild at heart”

He will pursue her not to offer his strength but to drink from her beauty
I don’t know if you agree with me on this but I think men today pursue women all for the wrong reasons. We don’t pursue her because we know we are the best person for her to be with and entering that relationship will glorify our God or ourself, rather we usually pursue women because we find her beautiful and we want that.

I won’t dictate what’s right or wrong, but ladies let me ask you, “Do you want to be pursued just because you’re beautiful?”

It’s true that beauty has a big part to play on men because that’s God’s design for us. We love beauty and we fall for beautiful women but pursuing a woman because of her beauty is a very dangerous reason for a relationship to start. It will easily break when that beauty fades away. And have I mentioned that it’s a selfish reason It’s selfish because you love her due to the fact that she’s beautiful and it gives you confidence and contentment that you've conquered such a beauty – not because you want to give her your strength, your best, your all.

Pursuing a woman because of her beauty doesn't make you someone who really loves her – because if you really love someone, you will want the best for that person. Meaning, you would have to search yourself. Verify yourself. Are you the best for her If not, then don’t even think about it, buddy. In the end, you’ll just leave her heartbroken, not to mention you’ll wound yourself along the way.

Gentlemen be careful, because the world is full of trap. Beauty are fabricated though surgical processes.

Sometimes it’s not really women we’re after but our heart
Gentlemen, do you realize that when you pursue women, it’s sometimes a matter of getting accepted by the woman. A woman’s “yes” is one of the hardest thing (supposedly) to fight for. And we've made that our challenge and our adventure. We’re not really after the woman, often times we’re after our heart – our heart which was lost when we were young and raised in a broken family, lacking acceptance, lacking affirmation, lacking masculinity, lacking our manhood.

This is a dangerous misconception to be trapped in. We make women the way to searching our hearts. In essence, we are just using her to “feel like a man”. You might not agree with me, but I urge you to just think about it – especially those in a relationship right now. Even married men sometimes fall into this trap. They get their affirmation from their wives. Women can never validate your manhood.
You can't make someone to be a man, You can't make them something especially if they're not.
So how do we find our heart?

Sometimes we pursue a woman because it “feels right” – that feeling is the feeling of adventure and being accepted – it is the feeling of being a man. It was never meant to be answered by a woman. That feeling will always be temporary when you get it from her. Yes it might be the closest thing to “feeling like a man” that’s why so many men fall into adultery and pornography, but that’s not really it. Turning to a woman for your manhood is cowardice. You’re a coward.

You have to find your affirmation from God – which is way, way harder. That’s why some people would rather womanize than follow Him. Looking for your affirmation in God means abiding in His word. Giving Him your time. Having a personal relationship with Him. It is following the example of a real man – Jesus Christ, whose manhood was bestowed by God Himself (His father).

Only then can you pursue a woman.

When you really have become a man – not just a facade you've put up as so many of us have done. “Surrender” is the word we all hate because of our competitive nature. And unless we realize that it’s the only way to become a real man as God has designed a real man to be, we will always keep on struggling against it. Surrendering is even harder than fighting – it is where real strength and wisdom is tested. The time when we surrender ourselves to God is the only time He can work on us and tell us “You are a man.”

Always remember. Stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely

Words by: Anonymous

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

Contrast In Todays Society

people walking

Humanity touched the moon.

But we barely know our neighbors.
  • We are trapped inside our very own wonderland of security.

Men and women today have a number of affairs.
But can't find true love.
  • For she searches wealth and he wants pleasure.

Many people live in big houses.
But very fewer family members.
  • It's the bond that matters not the four corners.

We have costly Rolex watches.
But don't have the time.
  • Conforming on societies standard, we lost tract of time and ourselves.

Got bad ass degrees in college.
But less common sense.
  • Molded to be a homogeneous drone.

Overpopulated humanity on earth.
But less humanity.
  • Truly humanity is not a well develop civilization, or not develop civilization at all.

Lot of friends and followers on social media.
But no best friends or real friends in real life.
  • The so sweet comforting pretentious lies we create to our self.

Knowledgeable, high IQ.
But wit less emotions.
  • Like robots indeed. 

High economic income.
But no peace of mind and contentment.
  • The greed and jealousy of the heart is above great.

Advance health care and medicine.
But very poor health.
  • We are unconsciously guinea pigs of pharmaceutical companies.

No wonder we complain but still doing it again.
Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

I Hate Double Standards With A Passion

man and woman face

A guy will date a woman that he sees standing at the bus stop, but a woman won't give a guy a chance who is riding the bus.

A guy will date a woman who lives with her parents, but a woman will not go out with a guy who lives at home.

If a woman needs money, the man is expected to have it to give; but a woman will look at a man with disgust if he needs money from her.

A woman expects the man to waith before she decides to act like a wife, but the woman expects the man to act like a husband right away.

A man will date a woman who has no job, but a woman will slowly but surely drift a way from a guy who loses his job. 

I hate double standards with a passion.


Wisdom Of The Samurai

samurai duel

Here are some points and bits of wisdom i found while searching for "samurai" in the Internet. 

1. Before telling someone your opinion, consider whether they'll be able to accept it.

2. One should correct one's mistakes as soon as they are made. If this is done without delay, all transgressions will quickly be forgiven.

3. He who resorts to violence when drunk is not only reckless but also a coward.

4. One should always avoid large amounts of alcohol, excessive pride and great luxury.

5. To ask a question even when you know the answer is simply an act of politeness. Asking when you don't know the answer is an absolute necessity- one should be never to proud to do so.

6. When you encounter failures and difficulties, it is vital that you boldly and joyously keep moving forward.

7. A person is worth nothing unless he understand the true value of the present moment.

8. One who has not mastered both their body and their mind right from the start will never overcome the enemy.

9. One should only accept responsibility for that which be achieved in a single day. Every new day must be seen as an opportunity for achieving individuals goals.

10. Nothing else truly matters other than the fundamental goal set for the present moment in time. A person's life is but a series of present moments one after another.

Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

Samurai Virtue Their Code of Conduct 753


During the samurai era. Samurai warriors always keep a code. A code to their total well being in their

everyday life. They called it the 7-5-3.

7 Virtues Of A Warrior


5 Keys To Health

  -rational Nutrition
  -sensible exercise
  -efficient rest
  -proper hygiene
  -positive attitude

3 States Of Mind

  -zanshin- alterness an awareness
  -mushin- clear mind
  -fudoshin - emotional balance