Sunday, July 15, 2018

10 Things In Life You Need To Do Right Now

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Many times I wonder of what should I be doing next.

I already done and experience a lot of stuff. One of them is this list. I found this great list a long time a go like few years back. I want to share this with you because maybe. You can experience the same thing I did. I will not tell that experience because it will take a lot of blog pages and its better you discover it yourself. Life has already tailored you your path its up to you to take and suit it up.

1. Travel alone.
Have time to be away from everything. Rediscover your purpose in life by going to places you've never been before. Explore new things, experience different cultures, learn new languages and meet different people. Replenish your soul with excitement and exploration. It will create many opportunities for you, and room for improvement and personal growth. Traveling alone will teach you how you become independent and confident. It will also help you conquer fear you never knew you had.

2. Look for your true self.
This is the perfect time to make your passion your profession. Chase your dreams; follow where your heart wants to go. Do things that make you feel happy. Never settle for good enough, be the best version of yourself. Look for your purpose. Along the way, you will discover things that will clearly define you as a person. Embrace this and let success flow everything else will follow.

3. Cut the clutter.
Choose and keep the right people in your life. Associate with people who you want to be like. You're not going to imitate them, you will learn from them, grow from them, and discover your true voice. These kinds of people will bring cheerfulness. They will motivate you and remind you that you're on the right track. Creating a positive environment around you attracts success and it makes your vision clear. It also creates a healing space that foster growth that opens a door for opportunity. Everything will become lighter because positivity brings happiness. So never waste a space in your life for a negative vibe.

4. Don't be afraid to take risks.
If you're tired of where you are right now, reevaluate your situation. Are you just working to live and survive another day or you want something you will never get tired of doing because you love it? Learn to weigh things around you. Pursue what makes you happy. Risk, in order to see the things on the other side of the bridge. Be brave enough to quit and start anew. Don't be afraid to stop doing things that don't deserve your path. Risking redefines your thought processes and it optimizes opportunities. So never be afraid to risk because some of the greatest adventures in your life will come from things you never realized were possible.

5. Balance your personal and professional life.
We only have 24 hour time period every day so make every second count. Never waste a moment being unproductive. Master the art of time management. Have time for yourself, to have fun and enjoy things in life. Have time for your family, spend precious moments with people you love. And have time for your professional growth. You have to spend your days wisely.

6. Be grateful.
Make it a habit of saying "thank you" to people when they do something for you. You don't know what kind of storm they are experiencing, so become their rainbow. Be the light. Share you kindest smile. Appreciate them. It looks like a small effort from you. but for them, it completes their day. Never keep positivity within you, share it with everyone you meet.

7. Do something different and crazy.
Sometimes, being normal is boring and redundant. You need to stretch out of your comfort zone. Jump, even if you don't know what lies beyond. Put excitement in your life that yo can look back on and laugh hard when you become old.

8. Become someones happy pill.
Drink a shot of happiness every day because the brain works best when you are happy. Always give time to read, let your mind wonder on the realms of literature and poetry. Explore the creativity of your mind. Read some books, write poem, make inspiring stories.

9. Renew your faith.

Being an adult means a lot of work and stress. Sometimes, you will lose time and balance for everything, including your personal relationship with God. I'm not saying to change or enter a religion. What I'm trying to say is "have faith". When things don't go the way we want to or when all hopes are gone, everything seems to drift away. We keep on questioning and doubting God's plans for use. Switch it over into praise. Use the situation to rebuild your relationship with Him. God wants you to communicate. The reason why He takes something away from you is because He wants you to discover greater things in store. The best way to renew your faith is to surround yourself with God. Pray a lot. If you don't believe in God I'm sure you have something you do believe in.

10. Accept the fact that the world is filled with hard times and unfairness.
Quit complaining. Do not think about things you cannot change. Focus your attention on things you can act upon. Reward yourself when you have done something great. In order to become successful, you must embrace change and motivate yourself. Remember, people won't love you just because you love them. Think before you commit. Don't let your thoughts run in your tongue.

Always remember. Stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

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