Wednesday, July 18, 2018

11 Direct And Practical Money Saving Tips

A lot of money

As we all know humans have natural instinct to waste time and money on unworthy invaluable nonsense. Because we want to show off to our friends and people we don't even know. So if your one of them and want to make a little change, having a hard time saving money? You should do this. I personally do this list.

1. Live below your means.
Which means don't waste money above your income. If you have a 10,000 dollar a month income
be sure that you do not spend more of what you've earned a month within a month. I live cheap, I don't buy mainstream clothes and apparels. As long as it looks good and feels good I'm more than happy with that. Don't get carried away by the hyped of buying new gadgets as soon as the new model or version is released or available. As long as it still works and function to its purpose, don't buy. Decide on your own don't let this greedy corporation manipulate you. You are a free spirit no one gets a hold of you.

2. Choose a modest home.
You don't need a football field kind of house, Its expensive to build and maintain. I know everyone has it's dream house. But always consider this in mind if you are buying a property then ask yourself this. "Is this worth the investment?" In this kind of purchase consider it as an investment. That's why you need to think, plan and risk.

3. Forget about elegance, but don't forget class.
Remember you are not born to impress other people. Back to number 1. (live below your means). The only person you need to impress is yourself no one else. You will know when your doing great is when you get jealous of yourself.

4. Look for freebies accept the free serviced offered.
Free stuffs are great. Don't be shy to ask or get freebies and discount or promos. It's also a good way of observing how other company and entrepreneurs market their products and services.

5. Eat healthy. Eat moderately.

Eat what is good and healthy for you. Also with the right amount you need. Like they say health is wealth, it's cliche but it will get you off on certain times or mostly all of the time. Eat meat a lot of meat it help develops the muscle and make the jaw stronger. Balanced it with fruits and some vegetables. I personally eat egg, one egg a day plus a lot of milk and sometimes coffee. I brewed my own coffee, I don't buy on star-bucks. You should also start brewing your own coffee. (Don't ask me why.)

6. Cut down on stuffs.
All of your stuffs like jeans, bags, gadgets, etc. If you can't recycle it. Sell it on garage sale or in the Internet, or junk shop. Common sense will tell you that don't buy stuff you don't need. Common sense also mean basic knowledge. So if you can't follow common sense. I don't know whats common for you.

7. Have multiple income work.
Regular work plus par-time work, or either way. Use the other work to your fun and expenses and save the other one. Or you can start creating your own work and start making a bunch of money for yourself not for your employer.

8.Never loan or purchase stuff in credits. Debt is slavery.
My personal law to this is don't buy stuff you can't buy in cash or in full. Because its an indicator that you don't work more enough, strive and reach your goals. Debt is slavery. The words explain itself. Having debt is like being chained. Chained by the responsibility of paying. You are bound to it, you are a slave to it. Are you a slave?

9. Only buy what you need.
This one is self explanatory. Why the f*** would you buy things you don't need?
Don't get fooled by biased greedy marketing. You are not seven years old anymore. Some kids know their priority than most adults.

10. Keep your parties/occasion simple, enjoyable and awesome.
You can still have fun with just a wine and talking about how to get even richer. Be practical as much as possible. Always mingle and attract people who have the same mindset and goals as you. People who will challenge, motivate and brought the best in you. Because to these people, grand overprice party are just a boast to them. You don't need to brag because this people know what you are capable of.

11. Invest your money.
The best way to save and earn more money is using money to create more money. Invest it. Start a little business. Open your self to entrepreneurial ventures that stick to your passion. Or you can invest it to yourself to learn skills that will be beneficial to earn more and make more. The risk is there, it is still up to you.

All those tips are already known to humanity. You can also see it on other and different websites.
So that's it gentlemen. If you have your own way of saving or making more money you can leave a comment or send me an email.

Stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

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