Sunday, August 5, 2018

It's OK

sad man

It's very ironic and at the same time funny and depressing. That is life. Some of us feel the joy and the burden of it. It's OK to feel different, to feel sad, to feel empty. Right now things are always never to late or it is. Maybe they come before then slipped away. Eventually it will comeback. It is a roller coaster ride. A wheel of balance. The feeling of emptiness loneliness and the feel of nothing is just temporary. Every man have destiny to make, path to choose and take. Don't be bothered and be pulled down by the uprising pressure to yourself and others. You don't need to prove anything. Fight for what you believe in deeply. Maintain the calm and silence of your own presence and soul. Have the courage to choose your own path.

Listen. Listen to your breath. Feel it, acknowledge your existence. There is nothing more blissful than to feel that you are alive.

Your in your room, no job, no car, lack the skills, lack the talents, even how hard you work or do. It feels like you are incomplete and the things you made are not worthy and useless. Everything is a pure single shade of gray, no bumps everything is flat. Like all the meanings have flew away and gone. It's OK. Learn from it, use it to your advantage, compassion is a good trait. You just need to drop the baggage that is pulling you down and making you stagnant. You only need to listen and open your eyes. Listen to your heart. Do what it says. Open your eyes. See a different perspective. Marvel on the possibility and ways that you will be taking.

Don't think to much, do it!. Thinking is different from thinking over the small things. Over-thinking and anxiety ultimately banishes every trace of joy from life. Listen to your heart and decide with your mind. Do it.

Even how hard and brutal you fail. It's OK. You can learn from it. Life naturally gives you lessons you never expect. Build the courage to do things again in a different point of view. For success, joy and bliss are not a blessing they are a conquest. You are the conqueror.

Always remember
Stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

Photo by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels


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