Friday, November 30, 2018

The Two Magic Words In Controlling Your Destiny

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Is this for real? Yes. Words can have a very drastic impact on how you and your life and what it will be. It can help you control the flow of consequences. These words are powerful enough on their own.

People will tell you things and advices on how you will live your life. These two words will let you decide on how you live it. They have the power to deplete you and uplift you. These words have the power to bring you to success. These words have the power to build the strongest will version of you and at the same time can break you and make you collapse to regret.

These words are very simple. It's not Abracadabra, or Expecto Petronum, its not i love you or thank you. You basically use this words everyday and take for granted the power it gives you.

These words are "YES" and "NO".

Those two words are powerful enough on their own. If you want people to stop pestering you on how you should live your life. Just say "No" don't explain just say "No". If you really want something or wanting to grab an opportunity just say "Yes" to it. No need to explain no reasoning to be followed. The moment you explain and put an alibi after the word. The word lost its power. The more words you put after the more weakness and pity you are adding. Yes and No are already a complete sentence.

Like I said its powerful enough on its own. Read the example below:

Example 1

Person 1: Hey you wanna go with me?
Person 2: No.

Person 1: Hey you wanna go with me?
Person 2: No. because blah blah blah blah.

Example 2

Human 1: Men wanna do business? I got a proposal.
Human 2: Yes.(Sure)

Human 1: Men wanna do business? I got a proposal.
Human 2: Yes. But how... blah blah blah blah.

Real freedom is saying 'no' without giving a reason.
-Amit Kalantri

See the difference. The more words you put after yes or no, the more it loses its power, you lost the confidence the moment you explain and put alibi on it. Those words seems meaningless and powerless. These words can make your willpower strong, strong enough to stand above the average man. I refuse to lose. I refuse to be a slave. I am the master of my own destiny. I am a free man.

Say those words like you mean it. Don't include bullshits.

Like the quote from Epictetus says:

Keep silence for the most part, and speak only when you must, and then briefly.


Every words that came out from our mouth has power and consequences. Choose your words carefully and be certain about it. Have the courage to stand by it and the grit to maintain it.

Always remember. Stay lean, stay clean. Live life awesomely.

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The Seven C's of a Man

man in a cave beach


He is always at rest. His soul, mind and body is always in a state of pure peace. His spirit is free like the wind flying above. His presence can radiate an aura of calmness and peace. It heals and sought the heart and soul. For what ever he is doing, reading a book, stuck in traffic, falling in line, solving problems he is always the same. Calm like ripples of water.


He has no interest in personal gain, he has no desire for worldly possessions. For he knows that everything of what he had now and will be having is just temporary. Too much of it is poison. He works more to achieve his contentment. He never complain of anything to anyone. He takes responsible for his actions. Because he knows that to be contented one must be responsible to thy own self. He is happy and satisfied for he knows the trouble and hardship he endure is enough to be a true man.


His thoughts, ideas, goals, and aspirations are always together. Put on the center. It never fades, it never waver, it never displaced. He is all in control of his belongings and emotions. Every word, every thought are perfectly joined even better than peanut butter and jelly. He never procrastinate, every thing is in order that he can only understand.


He is precise. He does not have a duality of mind. Second thought is an absolute abomination. He does not fear the consequences of his action for he is certain about it. There is no confusion in his mind and being, for he knows almost everything but he doesn't know a thing. He is not a know it all. He just knows it. For his every thought and action is equivalent to those straight horizon from the sea and sky. Its straight, accurate and refined. Like a well raised lion.


He is selfish for he cares a lot about himself. Because he knows that to be selfless and care for others. Is we must learn to love, forgive and care for ourselves. He is selfish at the same time selfless. For he is certain and calm his actions are careful that it will not cause damage to others and especially to himself.


True men are never bored. They are happy and joyful even only on their own. No gadget, not technology, game, companionship can replace the creativity of their minds. They create things beyond limitations. Evey angle and action is full of vibrancy and bliss. Even looking only to the  clear sky their minds and eye can marvel the creation and it's beauty. They are limitless they are endless.


He is a man of experience. For he celebrate and indulge life with his senses. The smell of sweet and bitter aroma. The sound of ceramic glass, silver spoon and hot water whirling together. The taste of mixture of natural coffee, milk and sugar. Brewed together by his own hands and savor together with his own tongue.

The seven C's of a man is not only a definition but also a reminder.

Always remember. Stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely

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How To Start A Conversation With A Stranger. A Practical Guide.

man woman in a conversation
We always have that feel of not talking to strangers because our parents tell us not to. So we eventually grow up scared like little sissies afraid to talk and even say hi to someone. 
So gentlemen and ladies here are the tips I came up with on how to talk to strangers. The most "practical" I've known and been using so far. All you need is common sense and a little confidence. 

1. Be Present.
Yes you must be present with the person you want to talk to. That stranger must acknowledge your presence. So that you won't look like some weirdo trying to put some words in someones ear. Be noticeable, glance, look them in the eyes. Don't forget the smile.

2. Speak
Of course how could you talk if you don't speak. What are you? some mutant who use telepathy? No you're not, you are a human being with vocal chords, tongue and mouth plus saliva. So use it to speak. Unless you are deaf that uses sign language. Always remember to talk in a gentle moderate manner and be polite. Your initiating a conversation not a fight.

3. Have Grit and Confidence.

Now this one takes courage. You can actually fake your confidence to spark a conversation. But genuine confidence is much more better they called it self-esteem. So build that confidence now, let it explode and do it. Don't be a pussy about it. People will not kill you if you say hi to them.

4. 50/50

Be open minded and strong about it. Don't give a damn if the person respond to you or not. If he or she respond, great. If not the hell you care. Its the matter of two things. It's either you say hi or the stranger say hi, it's either the stranger doesn't reply or you don't give a crap if there is a reply or not. Just make sure their not deaf or listening to a deafening music on headset or else you will look like a stupid joke.

Yup that's it. Try it and it will surprise you. It does to me.

Always remember. Stay lean, stay clean live life awesomely.

Image credit to the original owner from pexels. (Anonymous)