Friday, November 30, 2018

The Seven C's of a Man

man in a cave beach


He is always at rest. His soul, mind and body is always in a state of pure peace. His spirit is free like the wind flying above. His presence can radiate an aura of calmness and peace. It heals and sought the heart and soul. For what ever he is doing, reading a book, stuck in traffic, falling in line, solving problems he is always the same. Calm like ripples of water.


He has no interest in personal gain, he has no desire for worldly possessions. For he knows that everything of what he had now and will be having is just temporary. Too much of it is poison. He works more to achieve his contentment. He never complain of anything to anyone. He takes responsible for his actions. Because he knows that to be contented one must be responsible to thy own self. He is happy and satisfied for he knows the trouble and hardship he endure is enough to be a true man.


His thoughts, ideas, goals, and aspirations are always together. Put on the center. It never fades, it never waver, it never displaced. He is all in control of his belongings and emotions. Every word, every thought are perfectly joined even better than peanut butter and jelly. He never procrastinate, every thing is in order that he can only understand.


He is precise. He does not have a duality of mind. Second thought is an absolute abomination. He does not fear the consequences of his action for he is certain about it. There is no confusion in his mind and being, for he knows almost everything but he doesn't know a thing. He is not a know it all. He just knows it. For his every thought and action is equivalent to those straight horizon from the sea and sky. Its straight, accurate and refined. Like a well raised lion.


He is selfish for he cares a lot about himself. Because he knows that to be selfless and care for others. Is we must learn to love, forgive and care for ourselves. He is selfish at the same time selfless. For he is certain and calm his actions are careful that it will not cause damage to others and especially to himself.


True men are never bored. They are happy and joyful even only on their own. No gadget, not technology, game, companionship can replace the creativity of their minds. They create things beyond limitations. Evey angle and action is full of vibrancy and bliss. Even looking only to the  clear sky their minds and eye can marvel the creation and it's beauty. They are limitless they are endless.


He is a man of experience. For he celebrate and indulge life with his senses. The smell of sweet and bitter aroma. The sound of ceramic glass, silver spoon and hot water whirling together. The taste of mixture of natural coffee, milk and sugar. Brewed together by his own hands and savor together with his own tongue.

The seven C's of a man is not only a definition but also a reminder.

Always remember. Stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely

Image credits to the original owner from pexels. (Anonymous)



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