Saturday, December 8, 2018

Be Discipline And Stop Being Lazy

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If you are a person who suffers from procrastination, your thoughts are in shambles and you just end up watching netflix instead of doing something good. This tips below are good for you. "If" you want to level up your game in life.

Identify the things that make you lazy and undisciplined. (Even things you think will make you lazy.) Even if this is a cold morning, your unlimited netflix subscription, breaking up with your girlfriend, illegal drugs, drunkenness, tired, or the small irritating things that ruin your day. You need to identify it. Putting and accepting those things as OK with a silver-lining is unacceptable.

How can you identify it?

By being aware of yourself and observe the things you do. There are many things that makes people lazy and unmotivated. Mostly these are, smart-phones, Internet, lust, anxiety, fear, comfort and many more. Which is why identifying them is vital.

Accept it. You need to accept that the things you identified are the things that contribute to you, being lazy and undisciplined. Acknowledge that those things are done by you in the past and you will stop or minimize them the least.

Accept that you will stop doing those pointless actions and decisions you made. Instead of making a business plan, you temporarily scroll your face-book feed to check on some people until you realized you just wasted almost 30 minutes of your life scrolling. Instead of cooking your own food you got hook by the advertisement on Google that this "movie" is now streaming on netflix. So you watch it and forgot to cook. So you end up eating a cheap ready to cook full of preservative cup ramen noodles or a 2 days old pizza slice left on the fridge. Which contribute to jeopardize your health and your total well being.

I need to stop this, I need to eliminate this. Yes you need to exterminate those things that you have identified and accepted. Those key triggering laziness detonator.

Put an effort to it. When it comes to eliminating those mundane activities and stuff.

If you need to sacrifice a little of something to leverage the goodness of another one, do it. The fact that you are aware of change and want to change. Is the first step in eliminating those damn pest called laziness and its faction.

Why should i need to eliminate it?

Of course for you to stop being lazy and be productive. Trust me its very easy. It's only difficult if you allowed it to be difficult.

Affirm it validate it. Not just with words but with action. Remind yourself every morning of the day and every night. That you are not weak, you today is greater than yesterday. You will not allow any reason to influence your goal in achieving discipline and endless productivity. You are the captain of your soul, you are the master of your decision, you are a man, you are the creator of your reason. There must be no such thing as unconquerable weakness.

Motivate yourself. No one will do it for you. You and you alone will and can do it.

Take Action (Both Mind and Body)
After you affirm those you need to affirm. Take action. Not by words but with both mind and body. It's awesome if you see your thoughts and affirmation materialize on your action. Don't wait for tomorrow, do it now. Doing it the next day is a sign of weakness and laziness. Unless you are paid to do it in a scheduled manner. Unfortunately not.

One shot of it will not make you discipline. It takes time and effort.

Repetition is the key. Do you think how the pros do the things they love effortlessly. It's not a "grab a guitar and I will play like a rock-star" king of thing. It takes time and practice. Even take years. Several days, months and years of repetition.

So if you think your good at it. You are not.

Do you think how many months does a military soldier needs to train to attain self discipline? A lot. Yes it's not just a one big try. It's the sum of all tries. No need to be frustrated about this. If other people can do it. Surely you can do it. Because being productive and discipline is not a gift from birth. It's a "you need to work it" kind of thing. It's a skill, a skill so embedded with your mind and body that you don't have to think about it to work, it's automatic.

Always remember. Stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

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