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Curing Depression The Hardcore Way

curing depression the hardcore way

In the old days depression is not likely to be taken care off. It is mostly been taken for granted. Well because to be honest not everyone gives a shit of "being a pussy". Depression is caused by a lot of things. Is is caused by being lazy, bored, greed, unpractical desire, envy, mostly all of the seven deadly sins. Emptiness and loneliness is probably the leading cause of depression. Imagine you don't have a goal in life, everything is gray and you have a hard time dealing or sympathizing with people. Unfortunately doctors don't have a pill for emptiness and loneliness.

"Sir! My depression is cause by chemical imbalances in my brain. Mainly because of genetics and other sort of stuff" That's bullshit. To be honest you just want to take the blame out of yourself. Pills can't cure you, it may help you temporarily but it will just prolonged your misery. If you are depressed it is your responsibility to fix it.

If you are going to push that those chemical imbalances in your brain are the cause. Think again. That will lead you to the Question. Why do I have chemical imbalances in me? Maybe you don't exercise enough or sleep that's why you lack to produce good chemicals like serotonin

Another reason is you eat garbage. Those tasty and salty junk-foods that fucks your digestion and the enzymes needed to produce those chemicals.

All of those will rise to another question. Am I doing right and correct? All those years what Am I doing? I think you know the answer.

For your references here are the obvious cause of depression.

Eating Junk and Garbage
I know most of us remember the phrase "You are what you eat." So if you eat garbage you probably feel like garbage. Your body is build with junk. You drink to much beer you are an alcoholic then maybe you smell like piss. Everything we eat get reflected to our physical bodies, especially our health. Most people neglect or reject the truth that they eat garbage and they don't want to take action to do something about it. If you tell them it's not healthy. They just reply with words like "well its my body I can do what I want". If You're undisciplined about food and gluttony well thats maybe the answer. Well what can I do. It's you body after all. Your body that is weak and depressed.
See Also: Be Discipline And Stop Being Lazy.

Eat real foods. Real true foods. Foods that are raw and freshly pick or butchered. Eat meat lots of it. Potatoes (not fried), eggs and raw fresh milk are also a good help. Don't eat food out of laboratories and made through experiment you are not a lab rat.

Lacking Physical Activity
This is common sense. If you are sitting all day in front of your computer never getting stretch those muscles and pump those blood. Toxins will accumulate in your body. You need to sweat out those harmful chemicals. Is it obvious that if you sweat out, do something fulfilling or after going to the gym you feel good and much better. You don't feel all depressed.

Go to the gym, lift some weights. Jog or run, strengthen your endurance and cardio. Go to your local park have a walk, stroll the beach, go swimming. Create something. Keep your body and mind occupied with physical activities. No one ever feel depressed after they loose 2 kilograms of excess fat or build their own porch. You actually feel fulfilled and useful.

Having A Dull And Sucking Job
Unfulfillable work, colleague with plain disgusting attitude and character, plus salary that is not enough, and a build up emotional deprivation/depression is one of the reason why you should quit your job. If you don't like your job you are feeling like shit right now.

Those people who say "do what you love..." are actually not wrong. I prefer to work the things I love doing, than doing the shitty work with a high salary. If survival is your reason. Because you can't pay bills if you don't work that shitty job. Then you are one of those people who are scared and like to stick with comfort. Which is comfort is an enemy of progress and the cousin of boredom. On which you will get likely depressed.

To Much Unpleasant Stimuli
Your senses well get "fucked up" if you continue to indulge yourself in unpleasant stimulus. The most common senses are your sight, hearing, and touch.

Watching Tv, or any streaming sites especially those "make your thing hard" porn sites. Are a waste of total time and mental energy. Bombarding you with advertisement and product you don't need. Like those fancy cleaner, amazing but stupid blender, sex enhancement or penis enlarging pills. "Hahaha what a crap". To tell you honestly all those advertisers and publisher are saying almost everything you want to hear to rip you of your money. They will prey on your insecurities and weaknesses. If! you allowed yourself to be the victim. Just to total it all, the commercial you see on Tv, Internet and videos are much more in volume compared to the stuff you actually watching.

Find some better, more meaningful hobbies. Try woodcraft, metal-craft, martial arts, weight-lifting, start a business, anything that gets you off the couch and actually doing something. Don't be a potato, if you did you will end up as fries.

Alone/No Relatives/No Family
You are not really alone. There are a billion of fellow human being around this planet.

The feeling of being alone-- yeah I get it. So what!

As a man you must know how to be a lone wolf. You must know how to survive, you must know how to do things on your own. Because if you had nothing the only person that you can turn to is yourself. So take care of yourself.

Being in a family is great, having a family is also great as long as you have the best wife that is not indoctrinated by this sick modern society and you can raise your children well enough without so much struggle and pain. As we all know families can get broken especially if the adults are not responsible and sensible enough. Adults can be a pain in the ass for children and vice versa. Thus also came your relatives. Good relatives are OK. Toxic relatives are not a thing to be given a time in dealing with. You should get away from them or cut your ties with them. It is essential to cure or maintain your sanity, self and peace of mind. Toxic friends and relatives are very bad for most people. Especially if there is money or envy involved. It is always good to keep your distance.

No Partner Or Love Life
Don't worry, every one deserves love and to be treated the way they deserved. If you think no ones love you. Well maybe because you are an asshole or you act like a pussy. You can always change for the better if your an asshole. If you're acting like a pussy. Stop it! Man up! and be a man. Woman already have pussies they don't want another. They want something different. Having a feminine side is, well you know a bit constricted. Being nice to your fellow human being is a good thing but being nice, feminine and sensitively delicate. Definitely you will be in the friend-zone. There are only four things I find that captures a woman, not all of them but most of them. Those are respect, money, good looks, and intelligent. Respect - for woman who have dignity and humility, money - for social climber and gold digger those woman who can't rely on their own, good looks - most probably for shallow and vain woman, and lastly intelligent - for dumb and also intelligent woman. Remember being with a woman is an easy thing choosing the right woman is a different story.

Don't act like a pink unicorn or else you can't proceed to second base. Get some manly hobbies focus on yourself. Build yourself and your bank account. Women will naturally come to you. Stop acting like a brittle girl because you are not. What I want to say is being a pussy isn't defined by liking books, music and art or many other things. Being a pussy is submitting to a higher individual without your best interest willingly. You don't need to be a muscle-head. I'm asking you to take pride in your body and the capacity enough to mold it into the shape we desire or need.

Stop Doing Depressing Things
There are a lot of things that makes people depressed. It will take a very long blog page to cover it all up. So always remember to stop doing things that makes you depressed. Stop listening to sad music. Stop checking your ex social media profile and statuses. Don't do illegal drugs. Stop drinking alcohol to get sober and drunk. Stop being a wuss. Build good brain chemicals. Build up and raise your testosterone if you have lower testosterone level. Stop over masturbating. Stop watching porn. Stop doing those things you think pleasurable and addicting because IT WILL FUCK YOU UP in the long run. Also unfollow the people you envy most. Stop relying on other people. If you need to cut ties, do it. Re-build yourself, recreate it. Stop fucking yourself over and over. Stop doing the bullshits. Pull the pieces together and man up. Changing your lifestyle is a one way to do it. Prevention is still better than cure.

Always remember stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels 


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