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How To Take Care Of Yourself And Eliminate Stress

how to take care of yourself and eliminate stress

Taking care of yourself is a very basic and common goal. Or at least it should be.

What makes you cared for? When ask this question to other people or to our self. The answer always reflect and projects to other people, things, etc. Like having someone do the dishes for you. Cooked someone for you. Having a massage until you fall asleep. All of these perhaps relate to early childhood memories. Being feed, cuddled, etc. We are all child by heart.

All of these caring and stuff requires and involved actions. But the greater question is. "Do you feel cared by yourself? or Do you cared for yourself?" I will not be shocked if it is a no.

When we start to take care of ourself. It has a domino effect to others. When they see that you are taking care of yourself. They might start to follow your example and might take care of you too. Its just like saying: "He care for himself, that makes him credible and worth caring for."

Now its clear that your most crucial caregiver is yourself and no one else. No one will do it for you the way you want it but yourself.

Its great having someone to care for you but its not enough. Taking care of yourself directly to your own feelings is much better value than taking care of yourself indirectly. If you can't do it or won't do it directly. You will find ways to do it indirectly and sub-consciously. This can result into matters you'd never deliberately choose. Smoking, drinking, over-eating and many more, are one of those unwanted behaviors and habits you give yourself because it's a quick fix. Wake up you lazy bastard!

Look in the mirror. Look at yourself from head to toe, front and back. What can you see? You see a strong, big, iron willed person? Or feeble weakling? Rate every aspect of yourself as you stand in front of the mirror. Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. all of your total well being, rate it.

Taking of yourself.

1. Make Yourself A Priority.
To give yourself  a right amount of care. You really need to prioritize. Adjust your beliefs and habits. Yourself is the anchor to almost everything about you. There lies the responsibility of action. When you get sick, you can't work. When you look skinny and malnourished you loose self confidence and self esteem. When you don't learn enough skills you feel useless. Yourself has the major role in every aspect of your life. Make it a priority NOW.

No matter who you ask. Exercise will always be a part of this. It doesn't matter what you are doing as long as you are moving. It can be considered as exercise, light exercise. To see the best results of exercise do it dedicatedly commit to it, make it a habit. Make self care as goal and a commitment. Some exercises includes, Jogging and running for cardio and for the lungs, and weight lifting for muscle gain and toning. Wake up, get up, loose some sweat.

3. Be Curious On How Others Do It.
Be curious and observant on how other take care of their self. It's either the food they eat, the time they sleep, the thoughts they think, the actions they make. Observe, be curious model their right and effective way of self caring.

4. Experiment From Experience.
Try something new. It boost your creativity and mental health. Access early experience. Think about on how it made you feel good and free.

5. Eat
Were not talking about junk food and process foods. Were not talking about poison in this modern society and time. Were not talking about GMO products. Were talking about real fresh natural whole foods. Eat meat, drink milk. Eat cooked food. Don't reason to yourself, that as long as you eat you will get healthy. No, thats a total self eluding lie. Choose the food you eat. Carefully.

6. Treat Yourself
Treat yourself. Treat it the way you wanted to be treated. Don't treat yourself to bounce back in the abyss of pitfall. Treat yourself because you deserve a treat. Treat yourself by investing to a business, by making another income stream, walking in the woods or the beach, go fishing, relax, hike the mountain.

7. Ignore The Bullshits.
This is literally common sense. Ignore those bullshits, those negativity and unnecessary. Yes ignore those. If you can't ignore them or its unavoidable. Do something about it. Get rid of it. Either its people, things, event, place and any other things. Always ignore the bullshit they give. Trust me stress will be less and you will feel better.

muscle man dumbbells

Always remember stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

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