Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Simple Pleasures In Life I Enjoy

The most awesome and enjoyable part of life are not the big ones but those simple little things that happen every day or occasionally. 

1. The Sound and Breeze of The Rain
It just made me feel comfortable and at cool. There is something to it.

2. The Rain Itself
Yeah its awesome and dramatic. Plus the sound is like music and the breeze is cool.

3. Sunsets
They are beautiful and awesome. 
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4. Smell of Trees
Its fresh and refreshing feels like I'm alive and living on this planet.

5. Awesome and Beautiful Scenery
Sunset is one of them, yellow fields, mountain, seas, sky and many more.

6. Yellow Fields
So warm to look at. It makes me sleepy.

7. Late Night/Early Morning Road-trips
Nothing beats this one especially with awesome music.

8. Steak
Who doest like Steak? My favorite dish meat dish. My recipe of beef brisket is also good.

9. Page Views
This one makes me happy without reason. It boost my motivation to write.

10. Deep Conversation
Cheap and shallow conversation makes me sick.

11. 8 Hour Sleep
Ahhh. This is one.

12. Authentic Hand Pulled String Noodles
The taste is different and I don't like noodles full of preservative and artificial flavors. It sucks.

13. White Space
I'm a minimalist.

14. Ocean Waves
Its like a massive orchestration of nature.

15. Stars
After sunset they came out. They are awesomely magical.

16. Being Naked
Trust me there is something in you or me that want to be totally free and be one with the environment and in the moment. Skinny dipping at night.

17. Right Song At The Right Moment
Everyone knows the feeling.

18. My Dog Smiles Without Reason
This one made my day. Makes me smile to.

19. Cloudy Day In Mid Noon
Not so much heat plus a little bit cool.

20. Well Cooked Seafoods
Second to meat. This is my favorite, squid, octopus shrimps, crabs and many more.

21. Full Body Massage
If you haven't tried this. You must try it I feel so relaxed and very connected. Its so good.

22. Sincerely Kissing A Woman
Trust me woman love this. Plus it makes you feel like a real man and a gentleman.

23. Falling Leaves
This makes me nostalgic.

24. Taking Photographs
I have a lot of cameras.

25. Early Dawn
I like nights. So I want to see it end. Its peaceful.

26. Night
Because of early dawns and late night road-trips.

27. Quiet Baby
Especially if they are at the corner observing other people and smiling.

28. Grapes
My favorite fruit, especially the green ones.

29. Newly Printed Books
Especially if perfectly cut with a minimalist cover and the smell of newly dried ink.

30. Auto-save Document Feature
Saves me a lot of trouble.

31. Awesome Paintings
The Michaelangelo and Fernando Amorsolo kind of painting. Not those modern art painting. They are bullshits.

32. Curling In A Jacket
Because its raining and its cold.

33. Even Shaved Beard
This one is so satisfying.

34. Violet Clouds
These are rare. 

35. Feeling All The Sweat
After work out feels like I've done enough and feels good.

36. Fast Internet
Yes, yes, yes.

37. You-tube Video Without Ads
Ad blocker still works.

38. Shutter Sound
I don't know why I like it. May be I like taking pictures and have a lot of cameras.

39. Ocean
There is something nice and peaceful about this. Ride a small boat and be there at the middle of the blue waters.

40. Guitar Sound
Especially that swinging switching screech sound.

41. Woman Whisper
Ahhhh. Especially near the ear. When they whisper something nice and naughty.

Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

Head image credit to jim jackson from pexels.
Photo by Jayant Kulkarni from Pexels
Photo by xuuxuu from pixaby
Photograph by Qypchak


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