Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Colors I Prefer

The Colors I prefer

There are only four colors that I prefer. I don't dislike other colors. Its just that these colors are always on my arsenal of everything. Even on This Blog.

These are Black, White, Grey, Maroon.

Black- It's subtle, dominant and gives me more power. It's mysterious and give an unknown effect or feeling. Feels like you are unpredictable.


White- It's clean and looks nice and heavenly. Black and White are my work-out colors. Plus it looks like you have high standard even if you only wear a plain white tees.

Shades Of White

Gray- The one which is between black and white. It's good to my eye. It doesn't hurt. Its emotionless and detached. Feels like you are not committed to anything. It send mix signals. Its like holding both end of the spectrum.

shades of gray

Maroon- The only one which is had a distinctive color in my favorite colors. It is a boldly mysterious color.

maroon red

Most of my things are in this color. From socks, phone, laptop, wardrobe, and bedsheets and many more. 

Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.



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