Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Why I Like Sunsets


Sunsets are one of the most beautiful scenery and creation of nature. It triggers an enormous smile and sense of inner peace when I look at it. I feel at peace. Everything looks calm yet so warm, warm but not hot. It is a balance. Sunset are mystical and transcendental. Like staring at them. You can lost your thoughts with its beauty. It's magnificent. Its cinematic. Nature is the producer, horizon and the sky is the cinema, clouds are the actors and the setting sun is the star.

fence plants sunset
A photo from the neighbors fence. 
You can see a visible process of change happening. All within a predictable range of motion and a short enough span of time that you can pause to experience. It's worth my while. The fact that it doesn't last means that I have to enjoy it in that moment or it's gone.Thats why I cherished it.

sunset beach rock

Yes, everyday every sunset, you can call it the same sunset. But you can never see it the way it was yesterday. The formation of the clouds. The refraction and reflection of the light. The atmosphere it gives. Sunsets are like individual masterpieces with the same theme.

A theme that never missed to amaze me and made my inner self at peace and at delight.

sunset clouds beach
A photo from my local town beach. 
Always remember. Stay lean, stay clean. Live life awesomely.

Head Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels / Pixabay


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