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How To Sit And Stand Like A Man

how to stand and sit like a man

Since the old and gold ages proper posture is thought through out generations from school to home. With advancement of technology and the time people consume using we can't really deny the fact that most people are affected by it, especially their sitting and standing position and stance. Most men are to lazy to educate their self and to know what are the most optimal sitting and standing position for better mortality, health and confidence.

Good and proper posture has benefits you never could imagine will have an impact in you health and in you life. Seriously. One most noticeable benefit of it is you look tall and confident. When standing in an upright position it gives an impression of power and dominance. Same with sitting straight and prompt. Plus you will look sleek and attractive to women.
Women will not go to you if you always look down hunching and looks like depressed and having a bad day.

Your fellow men might give you respect more than you deserve and others might think that you are not to be messed up kind of guy, they see you as direct to business kind of guy.
Good posture makes you seem more authoritative, powerful and trustworthy. Those who slump and look down often often perceive as submissive, had low self esteem, and they look small.

Proper stance also improve body alignment, eliminate back pain, improves breathing, when you are not hunching like Quasimodo your lungs are more spread and relax hence taking air in is a piece of cake, you consume sufficient oxygen and other body organs benefit from it.
Proper posture also help you develop self-awareness, focus and dedication. When you start to correct your posture, lets be honest it takes time, discipline and focus. You must be aware of your own posture to correct it.
There is even a study that says when you show power poses like standing with a good posture and upright stance it help increase your testosterone and decrease cortisol. I know you know what is testosterone. It is the mans chemical of everything.
Plus proper posture reduce the risk of obesity, improves mood, makes you think clearer and help weave out anxiety.

"There’s one ideal posture everyone should be aiming for. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no one exact standard for what constitutes good posture. Everyone’s body is different, so good posture for one man won’t necessarily look the same for another. With that said, there are a few cues we can all use to find our ideal posture, whether sitting or standing."

-The Art Of Manliness (AoM) Brett and Kate Mckay March 8 2016

The following illustrations are an example on how to achieve proper posture. Again  "there’s no one exact standard for what constitutes good posture". The following images serve as a start up guide.

black and white standing posture
Standing (image credit to AoM)
Try standing against a wall with your head, shoulder and back. Heels should be about around 6 inches (half a ruler) depending on your height in front of the wall. Back part should be sticking comfortably at the wall. Your butt, shoulders and head.

standing properly
Standing (Image credit to AoM)
When standing always put in mind the following to identify that you are in a good posture. Ear hole lines up with center of shoulder, chin parallel to floor, shoulder aligns with hips, thumbs face forward, hips align with ankles, weight should be distributed evenly in both feet not just in one feet all the time, you are not a Disney princess. Hips and shoulders are mostly even.

Tip: Posing stand.

sitting posture
Sitting (image credit to AoM)
When sitting we are always tempted to laid back and slouch. It's OK in a short period of time, but for most of the time do not. Do not slumped your shoulders, don't tilt your head forward, don't slouch your shoulder. You look like and armadillo.

sitting posture
Sitting (image credit to AoM)
Remember when sitting especially in the office select or adjust your chair to the height of your knees, make sure your the sole of your feet touch the ground comfortably without to much effort.

When sitting ear should lined up with shoulder, elbows bent 90 degrees, hips bent 90 degrees, knees bent 90 degrees, feet flat on the floor. If you position you body sitting in an obtuse or acute angle, your tendon, muscles and bone may suffer from strain and fatigue.

Tip: One of the most sexy sitting position.

Tip: A confident sitting posture.

The main purpose of sitting correctly is for you to be comfortable without trading your posture and physical health. Its no use sitting or standing like a boss if you have tendonitis, muscle cramps and unaligned bones.

Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

What Happens When You Get Honest

what happens when you get honest

What happens when you speak the truth? What happens when you can't lie? What happens when you don't speak pretentious words? What happens when you get honest?

It is not the best policy: "Honesty is the best policy" Thats what the famous saying says. But what really happen when you get honest. I've been trying this experiment and been continuously integrating this honesty within myself. The things that I have observed are shocking and others are expected.
A lot of people don't want honest people. Because they are not honest with their self.
Its a two side hypocrisy. They speak lies but when you talk to them they want you to speak the truth. If you speak honestly and they can't take it. You are so bad to them like you are a liar.
Reality is that a lot of people can't handle the truth. Why they can't handle it? Because they prefer those comforting lies. Because it's to much. To much guilt stirring them up when they hear the truth.
Especially truth about themselves. They are so used of accepting and living those fabricated comfortable lies. That a simple truth slap is enough to wake them from dreaming and realizing a lot of things.

Why we lie? Why people Lie?
We lie because we are uncomfortable with our reality. We are not ready. We
fear that if we show the world or the people around us of who we truly are, they might reject us, despite us and it may not go as we foreseen.

While lying offers emotional and social protection it also offers emotional and social deprivation and degradation.

"Half a truth is often a great lie."
-Benjamin Franklin
So these is what happens when you get honest.

Lying to yourself is self hating. Why do you think people lie to other people? Because they don't like them, they don't trust them, they don' want any of them. Which means when you lie to yourself you don't like your very own.
We lie through our actions not just by words but also by staying in toxic relationships, taking calls or text from people we don’t care about, saying OK even if we are not.
We lie to ourselves to make ourself believe that we’re happy, confident, and just fine like everything is in place. When reality we are miserable, sad, empty, or just the plain "I don't give a shit" kind of lie.

When you start telling the truth and you commit to it on your everyday lives to the rest of your life, you create the opportunity for people to love the real you. They became open to you, and if the moment they lie to you they will feel guilty about it. Because they know you don't lie. You speak the truth.

Don't confuse being mean with honesty. Being mean is you tell something with a purpose or a particular meaning. You want to express something like an insult or derogatory remarks by doing it. While being honest is you uncover the truth. You tell what is given not what you think is given.

Thats the number one reason people stop talking to you they think you are just being mean. Yeah cause those people are weak. When it comes to truth and whats true.

Example: You had a very bad haircut.
Mean Man: Men! you look like a dipshit. Whats with the cut?
Honest Man: It doesn't look good on you. Wear a hat.

Example 2: Your are not smart.
Mean Man: Your so dumb.
Honest Man: Better study well.

Its always how the words are form and how you say it. People will stop speaking to you because not every word and the hurt you make and said can be control. Before you speak make sure that you know the consequences and the gravity of your words. Who will get affected, who will get hurt, how painful and is it really worth telling.

People will back away from you if you speak all bold and full of grit. Especially puny people. After people stop talking to you they will socially drift a little bit away from you.
It is also a good opportunity to weed out those who drift away from your circle of people. You can also see and know people who are capable of handling realities, your honesty and you.

"Ah! this man can't handle what I'm saying" don't force or butt yourself in to other people. You are being honest not to be agreeable but to be true to yourself and to others.

Because they are weak they can't handle the words of an honest man. They can't take truth. If they did they will be guilty big time. It cuts deep. It hurts.
They need to understand why you are telling the truth. Why you are being
honest about what you really think. That you are not being mean. Express to them that you only want to be genuine as much as possible and you are sick of living in  pretentious lies and narcissism.
They get intimidated and hesitant, because they are afraid.
"Oh men! what he will he gonna say about me and my new suit? Better stay away from him." They are afraid of your honesty. They are afraid that you might over power them just by saying what is true. Don't worry it's their problem not yours.

They will find you entertaining. They will start to trust you. Imagine out of 100 people they know you are the only one who is honest and who will tell the truth.
People will start to seek your advice and guidance because they know you are not a fraud. They know you will tell them what they need to hear without a price. Unlike those paid reviews and advertisement. They know your words are not baloney and for tell tales.
People will know it came from the heart, from the man inside you. Plus you will look attractive with the ladies.

I can say that this is true. Most business partners, entrepreneur and investors have one in common before they do business. No its not money. Its honesty. They want to know that what they are dealing with can be trusted before they pour their money all over. When you speak the truth and being honest about stuff. You will build a reputation. Not only to your circle of people but also to potential business individuals.

Who want to be lied in terms of business dealing and money handling? No one. Right.

You don't need to come up with something in your mind just to lie. Cause you already speak honestly. Time will come that it will be embedded in your system that you will despite and smite lies and liars. You are comfortable with the words you let go. No over thinking, no reconstruction of conversation and you don't need to apologize. Less stress.

Lying is a chain in prison, you are the ones captive if you lie. Like I said you worry less. You are liberated. You are not chained to the sick and faulty system of yourself and other people.
You don't need to worry about the words you speak after. You will be relieved from the constriction of white lies. No need to act them out or follow out with another lie. No social pressure, No limited words. No self, emotional and social deprivation, You have honest intentions, people will respect you. Almost everything is at rest. Freedom.

"The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off."

-Gloria Steinem

Lets not be hypocrite everyone lies. So do I and you. At least what we used to. If everyone do it. Should we be doing it? Even if we know we want to better ourself. Pursuit for freedom through honesty liberate your heart from misleading people and society.

Honesty is about the experience, the struggle, the story behind that scars. it’s about the imperfections. But it’s more than just that. It’s about truly helping people. Without expecting something in return.

What really happens is, when you get honest, you get real. (Shit gets real.)

Stay lean. stay clean, live life awesomely.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

15 Ways To Improved Your Mood And Well Being

15 ways to improved your mood and well being

No Bullshits included

1. Get Fit, Build Those Muscles

Common! this is so common sense. You don't need someone to tell you to get in shape and be healthy.

Do you know whats common between men who say "Girls don't like guys with abs". Those men don't have abs. How could you prove something if you don't have one.

"Building muscles are for vain and narcissistic men" maybe yes but not all. Imagine you got robbed at a dark alley with your girlfriend. Her pursed got taken away because if you fight back you will end up badly hurt cause you are weak, you have weak bones, weak muscles, and weak mental will. So don't say muscles are just for show.

Having a good physique doesn't only leverage your body aesthetic. You are already ahead of the game. You have lean stature, strong lifts, grip and stance. If a lady need help to open a bottled water and you can't or it takes several tries to open because you have weak muscles. You would surely look so lame in front of that gorgeous fox.

2. Be Honest To Yourself

Not only lying but also almost everything. Men today suffer a lot because most of all they lie to their-self.

"Why did they keep lying to themselves?"

Simple because they want to believe those lies. Because its easy, comfortable and grand. Most of them are afraid to do a reality check. Believing something such as a lie. Will only results in chaos even on the process in making, believing the lie is peace.

This is also same with majority of women. Western women especially. Becoming feminist and wanting equality. But the moment you split the bill and workload they keep hanging. Shame.

Being honest to others and to yourself especially the things you do. Will surely make a difference in the way you live. Other people may mistaken you for being mean but who gives a crap about them. Only the weak can't handle on hearing the truth. Real men/real people live in reality.

3. Drink Coffee (At least try it)
Anyone who drank coffee as a morning ritual will know what I mean. Coffee help me spike my day. After I wake up at 4:30 in the morning I wash my face do some stretching and drink coffee. Yes, while staring at the outside. Then go for a jog and workout.

I only drink coffee I brewed for myself. Yes, I have a coffee machine. I don't drink starbucks coffee, their coffee taste good and I don't like it. There are more sugar and condense milk than coffee itself.

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4. Sleep Well And Right

One problem of the world right now is most people lack sleep. Why? Because they waste their time going to bar get sober and drunk or hook up with some chicks with STD. The worst is wasting your evening scrolling on your phone like a machine.

A good sleep is necessarily essential for the human body.It gets rid of a lot of harmful things. If you sleep well, benefits are, you are rested, serotonin are produce, you don't feel stress and depress, you wake up energized and the body function the way it should be.

"I have insomnia I cant sleep." Well for me, on my opinion it is a mental issue. Thats why when I had something bothering me I always ask the question to myself."Why I have these?, Why I have insomnia?" For sure you are afraid to get the answer because you will end up guilty and hating yourself more. I don't need to answer why you can't sleep. I know you know the answer.

Sleeping pills may help you. Only on the short run. It will fuck your system in the long run.

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5. Don't Be An Absorbed Self Righteous

Being able to define and identify the things that are right and wrong is a good thing. But forcing and correcting other people every time they are wrong even on the smallest degree. Is madness.

Everyone has its own perspective. Everyone learns from their mistake (at least I do). Everyone is entitled to their own karma and conscience.

Don't be a bigot or an over excessive self righteous especially if you are not certain about something or you don't know the whole story. You will look like a hypocrite. Nobody wants a hypocrite.

6. Re-evaluate those things that are not certain

When we are a kids all morals are thought mostly by our parents, relatives, our school teacher, friends, peers, television, internet and anyone close to us. Which reflect our decision making as we grow and mold our own morals.

Building your morals is the most tough one. Especially if all those morals you grew as kid get shattered or lied to. Everything became chaos. Like, Is it OK to have sex with different girls? But your parent thought you love, self respect and preservation. They didn't teach you to be a pig and an immoral bastard. But your friends are doing it. Which is which. The tendency is you will fall to the corrupt morals of this world. Because you are weak. Weak minded and have a feeble will. You must decide for yourself what is moral and what is not. You must decide about what is right and wrong. Don't rely on other peoples tell and tales. You are a man of your own. You decide for yourself. Only the weak and foolish follow the morals of others.

At the end either you decide your morals to be right or wrong. It is you who will experience it, feel the taste of it, and reap the results of it. Good or bad. At the end it is still you.

7. Read Books

Reading motivational and inspiring books is a good way to start or follow up your day. Don't read things that make you sad, depressed or frustrated. Don't read magazines. Those men magazine are a fraud they are garbage. Have you noticed when you read a magazine every turn of the page there is an advertisement. Yes, they are feeding you things you don't need so that you buy it and then get your money simple as that. When reading a newspaper I only read the business section, news and do some crossword. Don't read the celebrity section if there is one.

I read a lot of books genre. But the ones I always prefer are books that teach me something helpful and useful. Or it motivates and inspire me.

8. Cut Social Narcissism (Social Media)

Every single individual dependent on social media is miserably betrayed and distant from the real world and, therefore, sharply miserable. They are deluded and out of touch to what is really happening to their own world. Reality is fading on them. They get frustrated if no one views their "My Day" or "My Story". They get anxious if only three people react to their status. They are clamoring for more egotistical electrolytically unreal praise. All those likes and share mean nothing compared to reality. You scroll your home page you see other people glorious shits (most of them are pretend) you get envious and you feel stress. Why not me? Why I can't? It is because you let yourself get stuck in addicting hopelessly fake world. Wake Up!

9. Do Things Your Way

No one has ever have a veto over yourself to decisions that involves you. You alone is the sole maker of your life course. Say goodbye to rules, say good bye too filthy social pressure. Live life according to your own accord. In the first place nobody gives a damn about you. The only sane thing you need to do is go on your own way.

10. Make Something 

Make or create something out of your hobby or passion. It will make you feel useful, free and capable literally. Every man should know how to make anything out of something. Try woodcraft, make some wood table or chair for yourself or to other people. Try metalworks, make some awesome mechanical shits. Create or start a business, you are the boss and you don't need follow orders from someone who is ignorantly insensitive people, you can do what you want, you can say what you want.

11. Socialize

No one ever survive long enough without the company of others. Interact with other people. Start meaningful conversation. Don't punish yourself in loneliness and isolation. "But I'm an introvert." I don't care. Do not conform to that kind of psychological social construct. Its baloney, its filthy. Because someone categorize you to be in this social group you go all along. What happen to doing thing your own way? (check number 9)

12. Eat Well And The Right One

Your bulging biceps, your rock hard abs, your Adonis like body doesn't taste good compared to pizza, donut, fries and other sort of garbage. But the feeling is not well good. Don't eat garbage and junk. Don't eat purified white oats, rice and bread. They are made to make you fat. "How about my carbohydrate intake?" For that I eat red rice, potatoes, root crops, ice cream etc.

My favorite food would be steak, and sea foods. Yes. mostly meat and eggs and fresh milk in the morning. A lot of fruits as snack.

13. Stay Out Of Debt

Debt is a prison, mood killer, and a source of stress. Yes, you will be TEMPORARILY happy the moment you acquire something you want in debt. But after that, you got a long term monthly bills to pay. My iron rule for this, is don't buy if you can't afford, Don't loan if you can't afford the cash price. I know a lot of people know. Maybe you already know this. Other think its just words but it help me in the long run until now. If you continue acquiring debts with unreasonable purpose you will be living your life in an indentured servitude up to your next generation.

14. Live Life

Pretending to live life is not living it. You need to feel pain, happiness, joy, embarrassment, success, failure, to feel strong, to feel weak. Live life with a goal and a purpose. Saying it is easy but doing it is living. Always put your actions in life align with your purpose and goals. Don't go to church going too show off your new clothes, stop going to bars if you will hooking up with some chicks with STD, stop going to the gym if your just going to take a selfie. Don't cover that emptiness in you with pretentious actions and words. Do it with real actions and words that strike and cut deep.

15. Choose The Right Place To Live

This is simple. If you don't like the place you live in or the city you live, move. Leave that place, find a new one, make a new start.

"I really want to move, but I can't afford it."

Then be patient and work your ass out. Unless you have something that can change that place to the one that you need and desire. If not, just move.

Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

Photo by Stefan Stefancik from Pexels