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How To Sit And Stand Like A Man

how to stand and sit like a man

Since the old and gold ages proper posture is thought through out generations from school to home. With advancement of technology and the time people consume using we can't really deny the fact that most people are affected by it, especially their sitting and standing position and stance. Most men are to lazy to educate their self and to know what are the most optimal sitting and standing position for better mortality, health and confidence.

Good and proper posture has benefits you never could imagine will have an impact in you health and in you life. Seriously. One most noticeable benefit of it is you look tall and confident. When standing in an upright position it gives an impression of power and dominance. Same with sitting straight and prompt. Plus you will look sleek and attractive to women.
Women will not go to you if you always look down hunching and looks like depressed and having a bad day.

Your fellow men might give you respect more than you deserve and others might think that you are not to be messed up kind of guy, they see you as direct to business kind of guy.
Good posture makes you seem more authoritative, powerful and trustworthy. Those who slump and look down often often perceive as submissive, had low self esteem, and they look small.

Proper stance also improve body alignment, eliminate back pain, improves breathing, when you are not hunching like Quasimodo your lungs are more spread and relax hence taking air in is a piece of cake, you consume sufficient oxygen and other body organs benefit from it.
Proper posture also help you develop self-awareness, focus and dedication. When you start to correct your posture, lets be honest it takes time, discipline and focus. You must be aware of your own posture to correct it.
There is even a study that says when you show power poses like standing with a good posture and upright stance it help increase your testosterone and decrease cortisol. I know you know what is testosterone. It is the mans chemical of everything.
Plus proper posture reduce the risk of obesity, improves mood, makes you think clearer and help weave out anxiety.

"There’s one ideal posture everyone should be aiming for. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no one exact standard for what constitutes good posture. Everyone’s body is different, so good posture for one man won’t necessarily look the same for another. With that said, there are a few cues we can all use to find our ideal posture, whether sitting or standing."

-The Art Of Manliness (AoM) Brett and Kate Mckay March 8 2016

The following illustrations are an example on how to achieve proper posture. Again  "there’s no one exact standard for what constitutes good posture". The following images serve as a start up guide.

black and white standing posture
Standing (image credit to AoM)
Try standing against a wall with your head, shoulder and back. Heels should be about around 6 inches (half a ruler) depending on your height in front of the wall. Back part should be sticking comfortably at the wall. Your butt, shoulders and head.

standing properly
Standing (Image credit to AoM)
When standing always put in mind the following to identify that you are in a good posture. Ear hole lines up with center of shoulder, chin parallel to floor, shoulder aligns with hips, thumbs face forward, hips align with ankles, weight should be distributed evenly in both feet not just in one feet all the time, you are not a Disney princess. Hips and shoulders are mostly even.

Tip: Posing stand.

sitting posture
Sitting (image credit to AoM)
When sitting we are always tempted to laid back and slouch. It's OK in a short period of time, but for most of the time do not. Do not slumped your shoulders, don't tilt your head forward, don't slouch your shoulder. You look like and armadillo.

sitting posture
Sitting (image credit to AoM)
Remember when sitting especially in the office select or adjust your chair to the height of your knees, make sure your the sole of your feet touch the ground comfortably without to much effort.

When sitting ear should lined up with shoulder, elbows bent 90 degrees, hips bent 90 degrees, knees bent 90 degrees, feet flat on the floor. If you position you body sitting in an obtuse or acute angle, your tendon, muscles and bone may suffer from strain and fatigue.

Tip: One of the most sexy sitting position.

Tip: A confident sitting posture.

The main purpose of sitting correctly is for you to be comfortable without trading your posture and physical health. Its no use sitting or standing like a boss if you have tendonitis, muscle cramps and unaligned bones.

Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

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