Monday, February 25, 2019

Choose Freedom

choose freedom

Most of us take for granted freedom. What really is freedom. Is it to do what we want? Is it going out of jail or is it waking up in the morning, take a coffee and interact with other people?

Freedom itself is very broad and deep to dive in. Even humanity taste just a scratch of it. The freedom you are experiencing the freedom the government gave you is just temporary. You, being able to choose your religion is just temporary. Being able to walk without bringing a gun or an ID is just temporary.

Everyone is a slave even how hard and how long we deny it. We are a slave to many things. Every one is a slave by the shackles of lifestyle excessive obsession. Buying things we don't need so we can brag to the less fortunate, lacking humility.
A slave to the pursuit of assumed to be perfect impractical beauty, judging others by their face and body structure and worst of all judging others by the color of their skin.
A slave wanting acknowledgement and recognition, diving and trapping their own self in depravity and obsession doing things they don't want to do just to get approval and recognition of the ungrateful.
You are a slave of your immoral regrettable sin of the past, that still hunts you until now.
A slave to your own mind, thinking of the past, future, and "what if" of everything.
A slave to the status quo. A slave to the normality that people set to define someone or something of what is normal and acceptable, doing the exact same shit they tell to do, because you are afraid that they will judge you. To tell you the truth, before you even do a thing they already judge you.

Choose to be free from all of those. Choose freedom. Let go of the things that choke and chained you up. If you need to let go of your pride to be free do it. If you need to let go of your money to attain freedom do it. If you need to let go of the ones you love to attain absolute freedom do it. If you need to burn all those furnitures to free your self from obsessive lifestyle do it. If you need to cut ties from other people to be free from toxic relationship and friendship do it. By letting go of the things that hold you up is the only way to give yourself and others freedom.

The moment you let go. You give yourself a choice, you give other people a choice. Having a choice or making one means freedom. The choice to lighten the burden within ourself, the choice to choose happiness and joy. The freedom to choose the right decision. The freedom to abstain from conflicting matter that may compromise your liberty. The choice to obliterate the things that may corrupt your mind.

Everything is slavery but everything is also freedom. It depends on your choice, your choice to aspire, reach and achieve freedom even if it means death to achieve it, is up to you.

Let me makes things clear. Kanye West said "slavery is a choice" I agree with that. "Force slavery is a choice" this one I totally did not agree with. I disagree to the deepest of my being. No one wants to be force and be a slave. But if you accept and give up the will, idea, motivation and purpose to attain your freedom. That is a choice. I always tell my self don't be a slave, don't let other people make a slave out of you. Always choose freedom, when it is compromised fight for it.

Human slavery is actually in the past. Its one of the saddest part of human history. To this day the medium of slavery had taken a different form. It taken the form of icons, web-pages, likes, hearts, tweets, mobile phones, status, money, pride, acknowledgement, ego, beauty, and a lot more.

Life gives us a lot of choices, life also gave us power. You have the power to free yourself. Choose freedom


Always remember stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

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Saturday, February 23, 2019

How To Be Thrifty, The Practical Way (Living Cheap)


A thrifty person uses a little common sense, patience, and discipline to purchase the same item at a considerably lower price.

Thriftiness is the ability to live comfortably while spending considerably less, than the majority. Don't get carried away by those greedy marketing and advertising. You are not a human drone. Only normal people do that.

There isn't much worse than a man who is a spendthrift, wasting all his money on nonsense, acting like a child with money. Spend here, spend there, waste this, waste that. Living stupidly carefree is not the way to be thrifty.

Here are some tips and ideas.

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Instead of scrolling back in fort on social media. Try to invest that little time to do some research on the item you want to purchase. If you are purchasing any. Search and scour the Internet especially shopping sites and any other website and individual that sells on the net. All it takes is a simple google search, duckduckgo search whatever you prefer.

You can also stroll your local marketplace, malls, bazaar, boutique and meet new people. Check for prices and compare. With an eye and attitude plus patience you can get and purchase stuff at a steep discounted price.

When any new item comes out in the market. The older version/model is always put on-sale in a very huge discount. If you want to waste money then buy the newest release.

Ever wonder when a new phone is release the price ranges from $1000+ but after six months or a year when another new model arrives the prices drop down by 20% or greater. After 2 years the phone drops its price up to 50%. That $1000+ phone can be purchase up to $400-$500. Plus the functionality is the same and the new feature is not really necessary. Opt out from these marketing schemes of big companies that newer is better. Yes maybe newer is better. But they forget to say that "older is cheaper and newer cost a forever".

If you are not a fan of using used item then don't read this part. Mostly used item are so cheap. Like dirt cheap. Other people sell stuff for a few bucks or any amount their buyer can offer. The key to buying cheap used items, lies within the negotiation stage. If you know how to negotiate or persuade the seller with your words then you are gonna get a cheap deal.

Always remember that when buying used item. Don't buy super worn out item or item that can not be repaired and don't buy personal used item. Like toothbrush, socks, hats, etc. The best items to buy used are furnitures, tools, vehicle accessories, books and any piece of mechanical or electronic hardware.

Borrow stuff if you can. Borrowing stuff is another mans arsenal of survival. Apart from saving money borrowing item can also give you an upper-hand in handling and dealing with people.
Why spend a couple bucks if you can barrow it in your next door friend neighbor. Just be mindful of the people you borrowed the item from. Have etiquette and sense of responsibility. Responsibility to take care of the item and returned it on time. Your friendly neighbor may like you even more for that.

If you know how to get the prices and stack them up and compare to the retail prices then you are becoming smart my friend. Always check prices and compare. All you need is a little addition and subtraction. I think thats not hard to do.

If you are going to buy milk. The usual milk you buy are those in hand size packaging. 250ml of milk cost $2. But if you buy a 1 liter of milk the price is $7. If you drink everyday and you consume 2 liters per week. You can save up to $2 dollars per week. That is just an example. In the real world you may get bigger discount and can save more.

Buying branded items gives you the feeling of prestige. But you are not paying for quality,  you are paying for the brand. Some generic products looks good and more decent than branded ones.

Does it really matter what brand of alcohol you use to sanitize your hand? No. Then buy cheaper ones. Is there a difference which underwear you use if you only prefer the color black? No. Then buy the cheaper ones and save the rest of your money.

I used to buy a set of guitar strings. The other set the branded one cost $4 more. The generic one is more cheaper. They are still made of the same material and thickness. Which do you think I will buy? Of course the cheaper one. It just sound the same. Sounded like a guitar.

Don't be shy. Accept their generosity with confidence. No matter what the gift is, accept it. Few people receive gifts, you are a lucky one if you had many gifts. Accept other peoples kindness, especially during Christmas and birthdays.

A friend of mine gifted me a new headphone on my birthday. Good thing my old headphone is too old and need to be replaced in the near future. Future problem solved, plus I did not spend on anything.

Learn to fix something that is broken. Instead of throwing money on a new one. I always fix on my own. If I don't know how to fix it, I just googled or watch youtube tutorials. Except for things that really need professional fixing. Got your jeans ripped at the crotch I just sew it problem solved. Got the wire of my extension cord cut. I just get some wire clippers, electrical tape, scissors and reconnect the wires. Problem solved. Make sure to do things with caution.

Do or create things like instead of buying a new single table why don't make one. That's if the cost of material used to make a table is not much more expensive than to buy a newly made one. You really need to do basic math and weight the value and expenses. It is also great  experience to make things. It feels productive.

Is is worth it? Always weigh the thing you purchase. The price, quality, number of use, materials made. Always look for value. Value with affordability. If you are not blinded by greedy brands I'm sure you can find the things you need with half the price.

Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

How To Speak Like A King

how to speak like a man

Speaking is just another form of communication. To convey meaning, information and ideas. Its not just opening your mouth and creating noises. Its to share what you got there. In your heart and in your mind. Words are power, and the only way to effectively use that power is to amplify and control it. Remember when your father start speaking in the middle of dinner. Everyone listens. When the president speak everyone listen and obey. Remember when a king speaks all of his subjects and nobles listen attentively. That is power. Its doesn't matter if they agree or not. Whats important is you get their attention and you leave a seed or you made a scar in their core with your words.

If you don't have and idea on how to do it here are the basic ideas on how to do it.

To be able to speak clearly and manly. First is you need proper and comfortable posture. You need to relax your muscles especially your vocal muscles in your vocal cord to prevent it from contracting or tightening thus producing a crack or high pitch sound.

Proper posture is important to create and project deep and authoritative voice.

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To do this:

  • Always keep your chin up.
  • Stand straight if standing.
  • Swallow before speaking. Swallow those saliva or whatever it is. You can actually drink water before speaking. Or pretend you are swallowing something, let your vocal chord recoil.
  • Sit straight and relax your shoulder.
  • Keep your feet grounded on the ground. Don't try to tip toe because when you do it your voice raises to a higher pitch subconsciously.

Mouth exercise is very useful if you want your voice to project louder and clearer. The mouth is like your natural megaphone. Practice adjusting your lips forming a letter O and make a humming sound. Continuously and gradually make the opening of your mouth from small O to big O vice versa until you get the hang of it. Listen and feel if in what state of OOOs your voice sound cooler, deep, and little loud.

This one is no brainier. Just practice speaking tongue twisters and record your voice. If you are not that convinced, you can't understand or other people can't understand your tongue twisters. Then you should be practicing more. Until you improved.

In speaking you should at least have this four quality. Loudness/Projection, Clarity, Diction, Confidence. These four contribute a big role in your speaking.

What is the point of that awesome voice if people your communicating with can't hear what you are saying. Maybe they can hear but it sounded like a fading echo.
If someone says "what?" or lean to you when you speak it means you you have a small voice they can't hear you enough or maybe they just have a weak sense of hearing. Another tip to project your voice more clearly and loudly is imagining that you are talking to the people behind them. its like reaching the back audience but you only speaking to one person.

Whats the point of that loud voice if your subjects can't understand you. To be able to speak clearly. You need to pace down your voice. Speak slowly and naturally. Don't speak to slow like a sloth.  Annunciate your words clearly and fully. Take your time to speak with purpose. Do some tongue articulation, breathing and mouth exercises.

Whats the point of crystal clear words if you sound boring and plain flat. Like a robot. You can understand it but it bores you. To speak with good diction. First know what you want to say. Beware of punctuations and intonations in your sentences. Don't rush and use pauses effectively. Its like telling a story. You put life to words. And lastly speak like a normal human being. You are not paid doing a voice over that sounded like an old voice synthesis of google.

Whats the point of all those loud well projected, clear and awesome voice if you are to anxious to speak. Be confident in speaking. Its your voice that you're using not theirs. I think most of you notice that people talk a lot if they are talking about something that interest them or talking about their passion. Yes. Start talking about your passion or the things that interest you if you don't know how to start a conversation topic. Get excited about the things your talking don't bore the listener. Use facial expression and gestures.

Relax and don't rush to respond. In doing so you give your mind and body the time to think and calculate your next words so that you don't sound stupid. A confident man isn't afraid to collect his thoughts. Rushing to blurt out answers makes you seem anxious and like you’re trying too hard.

When you speak own everything like a king. Own the moment, own your voice, own your audience, own the atmosphere. Own it as if you are born to speak and the audience are destined to listen.

Don't look down. It will make you look anxious and nervous. Plus other people may mistook it as if you are hiding something or lying.

Use your chest/diaphragm not your head voice. Don't talk like a high estrogen creature. Kings don't talk like that.

Select the words you speak. Cater the occasion and situation. Choose words that are wise to use. So that you will not sound stupid and look like a total asshole.

Don't use filler words. Like umm, hmmm, ahhh, its OK to create a moment of silence. Creating a moment of silence will make your audience listen to you more.

Look people in the eyes. Or just between the eyebrows. Don't look in their forehead or the top of their hair. They will notice.

When speaking to women don't look at their cleavage. But when you accidentally look at those treacherous mountains and the woman notice it. The best way to get out of it without being labeled as a pervert is ignore it or compliment it.

Avoid cat calling or whistle calling. You are a King you don't do that.

Avoid sticking your tongue out or licking your lips often. You will look like a psychotic pervert.

Always listen to what other peoples say. To be a good speaker you need to be a good listener. But it doesn't mean that you will agree to everything. No you don't.

When the King howls, the rest bows.

Always remember stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Best Motivators In Life

best motivators in life

Love, friends, family and any other sensitively attached people and things contribute to our motivation in life. We call them inspiration. But I will not talk about that. They are overrated. Its the same thing you hear from parents, friends, guidance counselor and psychologist. Its way to used.

There are three things I want to talk about when it comes to the best motivation in my life. To keep this short here it is listed down below.

Shame and Embarrassment
When I was growing up. Within middle school and high school I've never experienced being bullied.I never was at least not the ones you have seen on the Internet kind of bullying. The only people that allowed to do pranks and tease me are my close friends. Why? because they are the only ones I allowed. Bullying is matter of choice. If you allowed yourself to be bullied damn your a pussy.

After high school, that is the time I started to feel I'm being bullied, embarrassed and shameful. Not because of other people but by myself. I was anxious, I am not confident enough to build my self to success. Emptiness struck, everything is gray, so many questions started to sprout in my mind.

That is the time that hit me hard. I also realized a lot of stuff. Made a resolve to myself. Stop being dumb and wild. Set and reach my priorities, cut some toxic people in my life. I take that risk, the risk to build my own world. There are only to option. Go with the flow of this world or build my own world.

Let me tell you that success doesn't come overnight. It maybe come over a few months, a year, or even decades. Before you achieve that success you will stumble on a lot of shame and embarrassment.

You loose confidence on you skill or talent.
People will not help you because they think you are crazy.
Will criticize and judge you personally.
People will step down on you.
Everyone saw your failures.
Everyone knows you're broke.
They will shaken your core until it breaks.

You let these things motivate you. You say to yourself “This will never happen again” and you mean it. You mean it every bit as much as you mean to breathe air and eat food. And no one can ever break your spirit. Like the mountains that never bow down to the wind no matter how strong it gets.

After experiencing shame and embarrassment. Sure thing you will get revenge. Not now but maybe for the time to come. To tell you what, the best revenge is making yourself on the pinnacle of your own success. Success is the best revenge.

Shaming, dragging them down or doing the same thing that people do to you just to get revenge is the most unmanly revenge you can do. Yes, lets be honest its satisfying to see people who mocked and disgraced us eat dirt and be on the lowest state of their self. But it is even more satisfying to see them envious of you knowing that they can't touch, talk or even reach your level.

Imagine you can afford the things you need, like and want. You have no debt. You travel, you don't give a shit about them. Knowing that they are, sober, getting drunk every-night just to escape temporarily from loneliness, emptiness and absurdity of life. Plus they have debt.

Focusing to give yourself joy and happiness is the best revenge.

Survival is also the main reason why humans still exist in this world. The struggle and cling to survival is our one and only reason to continue. Why do we need to survive? To progress as human beings. To mold our self with failures, success, learning, experience, etc. To experience almost everything life has to offer as much as possible. We want to indulge ourself to life itself and gain experiences. We want to sleep, we want the best tasting food, we want to see the best beautiful sceneries, we want the respect of others, we want to be acknowledge, we want to love, we want to have sex, we want to grow old, we want to see of what we have become, we want to feel. Survival is one factor to all of this, and all of this is a factor for survival.  Be thankful to all the things you went trough. Because without them you wont feel alive. You won't be molded and grow to the person you are now. Wether its good or bad the point is you survive, you grow.

Whatever your motivations, make sure you don't loose the will. The will to continue no matter what.

Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.