Saturday, February 23, 2019

How To Be Thrifty, The Practical Way (Living Cheap)


A thrifty person uses a little common sense, patience, and discipline to purchase the same item at a considerably lower price.

Thriftiness is the ability to live comfortably while spending considerably less, than the majority. Don't get carried away by those greedy marketing and advertising. You are not a human drone. Only normal people do that.

There isn't much worse than a man who is a spendthrift, wasting all his money on nonsense, acting like a child with money. Spend here, spend there, waste this, waste that. Living stupidly carefree is not the way to be thrifty.

Here are some tips and ideas.

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Instead of scrolling back in fort on social media. Try to invest that little time to do some research on the item you want to purchase. If you are purchasing any. Search and scour the Internet especially shopping sites and any other website and individual that sells on the net. All it takes is a simple google search, duckduckgo search whatever you prefer.

You can also stroll your local marketplace, malls, bazaar, boutique and meet new people. Check for prices and compare. With an eye and attitude plus patience you can get and purchase stuff at a steep discounted price.

When any new item comes out in the market. The older version/model is always put on-sale in a very huge discount. If you want to waste money then buy the newest release.

Ever wonder when a new phone is release the price ranges from $1000+ but after six months or a year when another new model arrives the prices drop down by 20% or greater. After 2 years the phone drops its price up to 50%. That $1000+ phone can be purchase up to $400-$500. Plus the functionality is the same and the new feature is not really necessary. Opt out from these marketing schemes of big companies that newer is better. Yes maybe newer is better. But they forget to say that "older is cheaper and newer cost a forever".

If you are not a fan of using used item then don't read this part. Mostly used item are so cheap. Like dirt cheap. Other people sell stuff for a few bucks or any amount their buyer can offer. The key to buying cheap used items, lies within the negotiation stage. If you know how to negotiate or persuade the seller with your words then you are gonna get a cheap deal.

Always remember that when buying used item. Don't buy super worn out item or item that can not be repaired and don't buy personal used item. Like toothbrush, socks, hats, etc. The best items to buy used are furnitures, tools, vehicle accessories, books and any piece of mechanical or electronic hardware.

Borrow stuff if you can. Borrowing stuff is another mans arsenal of survival. Apart from saving money borrowing item can also give you an upper-hand in handling and dealing with people.
Why spend a couple bucks if you can barrow it in your next door friend neighbor. Just be mindful of the people you borrowed the item from. Have etiquette and sense of responsibility. Responsibility to take care of the item and returned it on time. Your friendly neighbor may like you even more for that.

If you know how to get the prices and stack them up and compare to the retail prices then you are becoming smart my friend. Always check prices and compare. All you need is a little addition and subtraction. I think thats not hard to do.

If you are going to buy milk. The usual milk you buy are those in hand size packaging. 250ml of milk cost $2. But if you buy a 1 liter of milk the price is $7. If you drink everyday and you consume 2 liters per week. You can save up to $2 dollars per week. That is just an example. In the real world you may get bigger discount and can save more.

Buying branded items gives you the feeling of prestige. But you are not paying for quality,  you are paying for the brand. Some generic products looks good and more decent than branded ones.

Does it really matter what brand of alcohol you use to sanitize your hand? No. Then buy cheaper ones. Is there a difference which underwear you use if you only prefer the color black? No. Then buy the cheaper ones and save the rest of your money.

I used to buy a set of guitar strings. The other set the branded one cost $4 more. The generic one is more cheaper. They are still made of the same material and thickness. Which do you think I will buy? Of course the cheaper one. It just sound the same. Sounded like a guitar.

Don't be shy. Accept their generosity with confidence. No matter what the gift is, accept it. Few people receive gifts, you are a lucky one if you had many gifts. Accept other peoples kindness, especially during Christmas and birthdays.

A friend of mine gifted me a new headphone on my birthday. Good thing my old headphone is too old and need to be replaced in the near future. Future problem solved, plus I did not spend on anything.

Learn to fix something that is broken. Instead of throwing money on a new one. I always fix on my own. If I don't know how to fix it, I just googled or watch youtube tutorials. Except for things that really need professional fixing. Got your jeans ripped at the crotch I just sew it problem solved. Got the wire of my extension cord cut. I just get some wire clippers, electrical tape, scissors and reconnect the wires. Problem solved. Make sure to do things with caution.

Do or create things like instead of buying a new single table why don't make one. That's if the cost of material used to make a table is not much more expensive than to buy a newly made one. You really need to do basic math and weight the value and expenses. It is also great  experience to make things. It feels productive.

Is is worth it? Always weigh the thing you purchase. The price, quality, number of use, materials made. Always look for value. Value with affordability. If you are not blinded by greedy brands I'm sure you can find the things you need with half the price.

Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

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