Friday, March 22, 2019

Avoiding And Not Using Social Media

avoiding social media

Yes, I’ll be honest here. I used to be an average social media user especially the blue “f” social media and its vanity cousin. I also tried that blue bird social media where everything one thinks that their tweets are the only one that matters and their opinions are always correct. Ha ha ha such bullshit.

When 2018 hit the calendar I stop and refuse to indulge myself in likes, hearts and reacts. I stop my addiction of dopamine shots called “likes” and validation. Now I never ever think of going back. I’m happy now in my life. Not caring about what other pretentious people think. Not straining my eyes and hand of that shiny rectangle thing they called “smartphone” that makes most people dumb in so many ways and levels.

People who are still trapped to those worlds are such a pity. They never even realized the truth.

My friends try to tell me to get back on track. Track of what? Mindless zombies?
Don’t make me laugh.

Social media saps away your focus and energy. It is like a giant gravitational dimension you step in a little bit, you get pulled through. When I was still using social media or when I was addicted to it. Many undesirable stuff happens.

-I sleep late, my sleep cycle is disturbed
-I loose and having a hard time focusing on something, cause my brain and body tells me to check my phone and shitty status.
-I get a little high of those likes and positive validation.
-I get easily irritable.
-I easily loose my cool. Especially if my status gets low likes and some douche-bag is contradicting my opinion.
-Many are don’t genuinely care on what in the world is happening, they are just their mindlessly sharing.
-I became a person that is not me.
-Some of my emotions started to fade.
-I became pathetic
-I lack the ability to handle things correctly.
-My creativity decline.
-My blog is on hiatus.
-I can’t construct a whole idea paragraph.
-I rope of patience gets shorten.
-I even started to develop the art of virtual stalking.
-And many more.

I just stop mentioning those ugly things there cause if I continue I feel shit about myself back then.

Good thing I realized the truth, behold the truth is bold, brave and just. Even if it cuts like sword. It strengthen and heals.

Some people, especially social media slaves don’t understand what I have decided and choose to myself. They think I’m dead cause I disappeared from their world. Some of them think I was avoiding them.

“No I was not avoiding.” They are the one that is avoiding reality. And I choose to live in the “now” reality.

They even come to the point that they use science and statistics to justify and validate that social media is a great thing like having a new Earth. The only people that will promote and support those social media to those extent and extreme are those mindless zombie slave addicts.

“When you have a smartphone you are not alone” thats what they say. But truth is lonely is exactly what you are. You – are – alone. It does not provide you company. The only conversation you get is a call or robotic interactive voice. They called it A.I. Artificial Intelligent which is even smarter than those zombie slaves.

“When God created man according to his image” that what is exactly happen to social media. They are created according to their creator. People tend to reflect their own on things they made or build.
Why do you think Elon Musk created Space X, because he wants to reach the boundaries of space. He wants to go to mars.

Now! Why do you think Zuckerberg build facebook? To interact with people without actually/personally interacting to one another. Seems like a character of a person who is lonely, self obsess and lives like a hermit. The good thing is they got a lot of money from people like them, lonely social media addict. But worst part, they are empty.

Why do you think Sean Rad invented Tinder? I think you already know the answer.

Being a social media addict will mold your future and decisions in a very bad way. You don’t even know it. Until such time you hit a wall, you feel so empty, you don’t know what to do about your life, you get depressed, you see all those you called friends on social media, posting their egotistical brags and shits. Then you consciously and subconsciously compare your shit to their shit. Then you try to compensate their shit with your greater shit. Its like a competition of fake false pride. But it doesn’t end there. It repeats, its a cycle. Once you reach a cycle you already caught and trapped.

The only way of breaking the cycle is to cut it, stop it. How? Develop absolute self-discipline. Stop using social media. There are many better things to do. You are more capable of what you can think. You are, we are capable of much greater things compared to those hearts and likes you get.

Always remember, stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.


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