Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Be A Master, How To Ace Anything

Some say that to be an expert of something you need 10,000 hours, to be a master you need 10,000 hours plus lifetime of continuous practice. Yes maybe, maybe not. I haven’t tried that 10,000 hours doing something and list and take the time. “Oh it’s 10,000 hours”. No I don’t. But one thing I’m sure about.

It is To Not Give Up, don’t stop on doing and deliberately practicing that skill you want to learn. Never ever think that “men this is bullshit, should have quit a long time ago”. If you believe and know that the thing you want to learn and master is worth it, and you know its good. Don’t Stop, Never give up.

Be obsessed with it. Do it day and night. Feel it, take action, work it. Do it like your life and future depend on it. Be obsessed with it beseech it like the food you eat and the air you breath. Work it till your blood and sweat acknowledge to do it to the limits.

Focus, be bold, be brave, be determined. No distractions, build that unwavering focus like a samurai who cut falling leaves. Do it until all fiber of your being agreed to do it. To learn that skill, to ace and master that skill.

Indecisiveness is for the weak. If you’re so focus and determined on something, change of mind and heart had no place in it. Your confidence may break in the process but that is not a hindrance to mastery.

Don’t waste time. If you get the chance do it. Don’t waste you precious times on mundane chores and unnecessary task cause you’re bored. Don’t waste your time pretending to socialize on social media. Don’t waste your time drinking to forget and cover your shame. Don’t waste your time smoking and killing the fibers of your brain. Don’t waste your time watching TV and play games.

Don’t be a master of a different aim. Don’t be a master of time wasting, talent wasting and a master of empty confusion. Choose and make a decision. Master of waste or master of the best?

This will be my last advice. Practice, practice, practice. A true man doesn’t need to be reminded of this all the time. Just do it and practice. Its your choice on what are you going to master and how you will do it. The choice is yours to decide.

Always remember stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.

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