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42 Things A Father Should Teach His Son

42 Things A Father Should Teach His Son

I'm not a father yet. But these are the things I like to teach my son and wish my father thought me some. Salute to the fathers who are man enough to support and be a real father and husband to a family. In commemoration of fathers day here it is.

1. Positive Attitude
I think everyone need this. You gonna need your son to be smart and optimistic at all cost. Teach them to seize opportunities, teach them to find loopholes on chaos and climb the ladder of success. Teach them that bullshits happen if they act stupid. Teach them to look at the bright side of life.

2. Sports
Sports that include balls on which you must have balls to do so. Soccer, football, baseball, basketball any kind of sport that includes balls and that needs balls. Its really is sad to see some teenager sitting at the corner of the bleachers listening to music with their headphones watching others kids play. Which would be them if someone encourage or teach them to play.

3. Self Defense
The most basic is to prevent fights. Prevention is still better than reconciliation after fight, no need to waste your strength and hurt your fist. Second is how to throw a punch, a good one. Third is how to finish a fight. If you are a father who is not good at combat "mano a mano" or martial arts. At least hire or enroll your son on martial arts school, class or club. Preferably jiu-jitsu, or judo.

4. How To Tie
How to tie a tie? Sounds cliché? But as a man you will be and your son will be needing it. Not just necktie but also knots. From shoe laces to tent and camping knots.

5. Willpower
"Mind over body" an underrated phrase. But still useful. Teach your son to master his will. Not only it can lead him to the things he really want to do. It can also teach him to be discipline in controlling unnecessary wave of emotions, lust, desires and other toxic indulgence.

Teach and use your willpower muscle to help you win your long-term game.

6. Be The Man
Never submit in a lower power. Forget the equality charade. It will never happen. Know your place and your power. Know the scope of it and identify in who you should be using it. Count and know the people who you will be giving your time, money, attention, yes, no, and sperm. Don't do stupid things just to please someone.

7. How To Build Something
Trust me, the power and art of creativity is worth teaching. Creating something like bookshelf, table, chair, etc is a blessing to teach. Your son will remember you with that. I always remember my dad when I make a DIY (Do It Yourself) chair and tennis table from scratch and raw materials.

8. Discrimination And Judgment
Like I said at number 6 "Forget the equality charade. It will never happen." Its true gender and racial equality will never be accomplish by humanity. But it doesn't mean you will be a jerk about it. Discrimination and pre-judgment is how you survive in this world. You can't do anything about it because that is our mind and bodies defensive reactions. If you see a man who dress and have make-up you know what they are. You see a woman dressed like and act like a whore, you know its a whore. You see an angry man with a shotgun, you keep your distance you don't want to do anything about with him.

9. Trust Is Earned
Never ever let your guard down. People in this world will used and abuse you. Either you are good or bad. They will eat and devour the weak, make slaves of the average, ignore the shits, and worshiped the strong.

10. Respect Is Earned
Treat everyone politely but keep your defenses up. Remember this, you act polite to strangers not because they earn your respect but you are just being human. True respect is earned, when its demanded its not respect its just half-ass politeness.

11. Work Hard And Work Smart
Teach your son the importance of hard work and how to work smart. There comes the time when teenagers in their prime do all the lazy and slothful stuff. This is also the time that will define the rest of their life. To develop the will and habit of discipline and not being lazy on any and different fields of interest and work.

12. Physically Fit
Being fit and ripped shows power and confidence on your skills and abilities. Stay lean, stay mean and clean. Don't let yourself fall to depression and despair. Teach your sons to lift weight, take part time physical labor jobs or go to the gym. Always move. Sleeping a lot, sitting and crouching at the couch will not make someone physically fit. Its not magic you need to work it up.

13. Health
This one is important like physical fitness. Teaching your sons the importance and foundation of good health. Is a priceless lesson. Health is one factor and foundation that will determine your future. Imagine if you get sick or you always get sick. A lot of things and decisions will be affected. Your body will be affected, your confidence will be affected, your sex life will be affected and a lot more.

14. Sex, Protection Etc.
Many men get trapped and cornered by this. Due to lack of before hand knowledge. No one warns or teach them about it. Being a father it's our duty to teach our sons about sex, protection, lust, pornography, masturbation and how to respect women and not to be an asshole. Many young people get their self in trouble because no one teach them the right and wrong or what not to do. Most boys became father at an early age, other catch STD or worse HIV and some are convicted of rape because they can't control their lust or in the influence of alcohol, drugs, or twisted lusty mind. Some don't even know how to use a condom. Its a manly and moral obligation to teach your son about this correctly.

15. Swimming
Even crippled people knows how to swim, so why can't your son? Teaching someone on how to swim is a great skill and bonding moments. You well never know what will happen.

16. Climbing
In some parts of the world especially in Vietnam and in the Philippines. Although its not advisable to climb tress. Other children will laugh at your child for not being able to climb a tree and get some fruit or just for the fun of climbing it.

Teach your son also on how to climb mountains and do hiking.

17. Driving
Includes all, from bicycle, motorbike, car, truck, tractor, etc. Trust me driving is a necessity.

18. Competition Is Great
It helps develop a sense of greatness. It adds up to the motivation. You compete to win and learn. Always set your goal to be the top first, don't settle for number 2 or 3. Aim for the top if you can.

19. Opportunity Knocks
You must learn to keep your eyes and ears open and ready to take advantage of opportunities. Seek opportunity. If it doesn't show in your face. Seek it out.

20. Never Let Your Guard Down.
The world is full of thieving wolves and devouring lions. You only had two choices eat someone or be eaten. Be a predator or be the prey.

The world will not just rotate and say. "Hey I will take care of you." No it doesn't work that way. It's more like "Hey! guards up! Cause I will messed you up."

So never ever let your guard down.

21. Make Money On Your Own
Teach your children skills that they might use to make money and they will be carrying through the rest of their life. In this world you need two things to survive practically and literally. Money and skills.

22. Give Your All
Never give less of what you can. Don't submit to the "Oh its OK, time to wrap things up". Do things right and with passion and precision.

Your aim for greatness is what makes you different. It's what separates you from the animals of society.

23. Proper Posture
Your body is your pride and confidence. Stand straight, don't wimp down. Take charge and pride of your body it is yours.

Don't be a nobody with slouching back and retracting jawline. Be a confident man with straight back, chin up with chiseled jawline.

24. No Excuses
Excuses are similar to complaining. You're just making it sound like its not your fault and acceptable.

Excuses are for the useless and the weak that lack discipline who cannot do what they said they would do. Always do as you say you will do and never give excuses as to why you didn't do something.

25. Apologize Only Once
How not to apologize? Don't do something stupid. Never used the word sorry out of habit. Never say sorry for simple things. Never ever say sorry for the thing you didn't do. Never say sorry for saying the truth and the reality you see. Never say sorry for offending other people with your words as long as you know what you are saying is true.

Saying sorry only applies if you did something so terrible and you are truly guilty about it.

26. Women/Girls
Some women will respond back to you as a woman, some will respond to you as a man, be careful. Some women will respond to you as a girl. Know the difference.

Most women will be respond to you being a man. The further away from their femininity you are, the more they will be attracted to you. Real woman don't get attracted to boys and girls. They might admire but never get attracted. Real women are attracted to men.

Treat them with respect and dignity as long as they deserve it.

27. Discipline
Timidity is good for nothing. If you want something you go after it and you take it. You don't ask permission to fulfill your goals, you don't apologize for your goals, you don't make excuses for your goals, and you don't give a damn about what the lesser people say.

Be discipline enough to reach and take something you want. Be discipline enough to trim and cut your hair. Be discipline enough to take a shower. Be discipline enough to do the things you want to and aspire. Be discipline enough to keep your body at top condition.

See Also: Stop Excessive Consumerism.

28. Kindness To Animals
Yes animals may bite but they will never betray you as hard as humans. Treat animals with firm kindness. Remember you had the world, your family and friends. Your animal friend only had you.

Plus most girls like a man who is kind to animals.

29. Think Abundantly and Big
Think big but not with a big head. Small dreams and thought are cute but worthless. Think big, aim high and get big results.

If silver is not enough go for gold. If still not enough go for diamonds.

30. Money Handling
Spending your money mindlessly on the latest gadgets and knick-knacks and not saving anything for a rainy day is stupid. You will always need a backup fund for a rainy day or for an investment opportunity. Rainy days don't provide good opportunities.

See Also: How To Be Thrifty The Practical Way.

31. Beliefs
The most common thing to happen in life is, a parent will surely teach values and beliefs that are also thought of them by their parents. Parents have the right to teach their children of what they think is good for their children.

Time will come that your son and daughters will grow up and build their own piece of mind that depends on how you raise them and the environment they grow up with.

They will start to question a lot of things and experience new things in life.

32. Proper Manly Gestures
Shaking hands, sitting properly, manner of talking, table etiquettes, and a lot more. Not only it will make you look like a cultured man but also it will make you feel glad, confident and cultured as well.

Manners and etiquettes tells a lot about you, your personality and character. As a parent it reflects back at you the manner and characters of your child on how you raised them.

33. How To Shave
Both in your head, face and down there. Spending a dollar just going to the barber to do the shave for you is lame.

The only time I go to the barber is to cut my hair not to shave my beard. Its really hard to imagine a man with a beard and don't know how to shave.

34. Use a Weapon
Teach your son on how to fire a gun properly and teach them how to aim correctly. In this world shit happens.

A gun could be used in many different ways. Hunting, intimidation, killing, and self defense. Teach them to use it wisely, correctly and carefully not to shoot their self.

Teach your son to use knives correctly. Teaching them to peel a fruit using a knife is the least you could do.

35. Fight Back If Needed
If you are going to fight fight hard and short. Don't make the fight to last long. Cause if you do, you just hurting your knuckles, better finished the problem as fast as possible.

In all regards do not start a fight. In any rule of law and social convention the first one to start a fight is the ones at fault. In any case that fighting and brawling is inevitable, fight back and fight hard.

36. Yes and No
Oh yes the magic words of power. There is no such thing as in between. Yes is yes and no is no. Don't confuse it and don't confuse other people with your answer. Teach your son to be a man of his words. That his words are his honor. Don't trifle with it.

37. How To Change Tire
Don't waste money to pay someone to change your tires. There comes a time that one of your tires will blow off and need to change. Tendency is you are in a highway far from society. You have to choices, change your tire or call someone to change it for you and sit there and wait like a fudge until rescue comes.

38. How to Survive In The Wild
Read number 34. This rarely happen being trapped and stranded in the mountains or some remote island, due to modernization in society and over population.

Learning the skills on survival always comes handy from time to time. Learning to tie a knot, first aid and resourcefulness is always needed.

39. Go To Barbers Not Salon
Common sense will tell you the difference.

40. Cook and Grill
Its a mans duty to feed his self. If you don't know how to cook you will be one of three things: Fat, Skinny or Starving. It is a mans nature to eat so therefore need to know how to cook. At least the basic cooking the basic foods. The solution to this is learning. Learn to cook.

If you don't know how to cook, you will end up eating ready to eat full of gluten preservatives added food. Or in the other hand spending money on fast food, restaurants, and other dine inns plus the tip.

41. Travel
Travel doesn't make you good looking, working out does, traveling doesn't give you money or make you a better person. It gives you life experiences. Experiences you never thought you could experience. It opens your eyes to the world.

When I say travel, I don't really mean buying a plane ticket, staying at a hotel and lying at a white sand beach. It maybe part of it, but what I mean for the world travel is emerging yourself with nature, looking and trying new things, participating in other peoples culture and listening other stories of people and places.

42. Experience Life
Don't tie yourself down with an un-affordable mortgage, don't tie yourself down with a job making others richer, never tie yourself down with immense credit card or student loan debt. If you can't pay cash, wait and save up until you can. Don't settle for a computer screen and a wi-fi connection. Life has more to offer than you could imagine.

Always remember stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.


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