Sunday, April 7, 2019

I Choose To Own Less

less than

I own more by owning less.

I started living my life as simple, refined and elegant as it can be. A straight forward simple approach, no bullshits included.

My main reason is "Simplicity works it forge results, while complexity produces complication and is a waste of time, effort and mind."

Hard work pays off. But making things complicated as it is, is just plainly, senselessly stupid.

If you can explain an idea or a reason in one sentence it is much more better than explaining it in one paragraph. Simple and brief remarks are always better and remembered.

Take for example when someone praise you. When they say "you done very well in convincing our investors in your presentation for this meeting, congratulations". Now compared it when someone says "You did great, congratulations!" See the difference? Less had more impact.

Long and extended explanations are an intelligent way to sound stupid.

Take a look on colors, does the fagot color rainbow had impact on you compared to the plain black, white and gray? I don't think so.

Always keep things simple. Because things can only be done in two ways. Simple and complex. Only an idiot will follow the complex process even if the results are the same that is done with the simple process.

Don't let over consumerism own you. One saying says - "The things you own end up owning you".

Don't let yourself be emotionally attached to inanimate objects. Enjoy the magic and beauty of simplicity.

You can buy all the stuff you want. But it will never make yo truly happy, all you felt are just temporary happiness and short time satisfaction.

You have all the ladies. But it can never make you a true man.

You can have all the likes, hearts and share. But it can  never reflect your real life.

Simplicity, minimalism and owning less is just so underrated that most people overlook the benefits. All of them are consumed by modern consumerism. You could strive or attempt to do things on a complex way. You could own all material things that you can get. But don't let it devour you. Strive and aspire to own less and experience freedom.

Always remember stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.


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