Saturday, April 20, 2019

My Essential Blogging Arsenal

My Essential Blogging Arsenal

Most blogger have knick and knacks of their favorite physical tools they use in blogging. Expressing those emotions, ideas, opinions, jokes, and a lot of other stuff. To start with I'm gonna share you mine. These are just plain simple items I use almost everyday or every other day.

1. Laptop
This one will always be on the top list. This is where I finalized my blog articles, edit pictures, videos, do research, and a lot of things. Even without the other items below as long as I have a laptop I can go on writing and posting. This is where my spreadsheets and documents for my businesses are created and stored. Well I use a backup storage just in case.

My whole blogging world relies mostly on computer machines and the Internet. Its common sense, cause I'm an online blogger.

2. Journal And Pen
This three, laptop, journal and pen are my most valuable possession in my backpack. Journal are my everything notes. I write all my pop-up ideas in my journal, my to do list, my reminders, transactions, notes and anything that needs to be written down.

This is where the beauty of writing and ideas are stored and formed. Mini-ideas got pop-up, written down, and then stitch together. To create one big idea or article.

One journal is enough for the whole year. My journal is a medium sized hardbound plain book with big page numbers.

3. Smartphone
My all in one on the go tool. Used mostly for communication and business transactions. Used to check emails, text, time and date. An alarm clock, reminder, digital camera, music player, news updater, payment tool, dictionary, translator, map, locator, GPS, fitness tracker, and many more a smartphone could do. But mostly used for calls and quick email read and replies.

4. Camera
I don't usually use this as often compared to the three item listed above. But this one I used when I'm into my photography hobby. I also used this for taking snaps of random beautiful moments I encounter while traveling or hanging out, doing research on a different places.

When it comes to camera. You don't actually need an expensive camera. All you need is a decent one.

5. Backpack
I put everything in here. Laptop, journal, camera and other stuff. This one is the keeper of my things especially when I travel and go to mountains, and beaches. Honestly everything I need usually fit in a backpack, yes it does.

When you are traveling or always go somewhere else you will learn to lessen you baggage. Until you learn to live on one backpack on a daily basis.

Always remember stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.



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