Friday, April 12, 2019

Stop Excessive Consumerism

stop excessive consumerism

Even though I'm a minimalist person. Yes I like simple things and style that are not to excessive. I try to live my life without the gluttony of consumerism. But that doesn't mean I still don't own anything.

I still have things I consume, like my laptop, where I write and post blog articles, my journal, my phone, and some of my necessary stuff.

Since the time I started to lessen my stuff and enter the world of less, less on consumerism. I started to work hard and smart.

My mind is not in a state of dilemma where I need to choose an item then choose the other instead and going back to the first choice.

I learned to be contented. I feel like no one owns me. Material things doesn't own me. I own them.

Consumerism becomes excessive when it extends beyond what is needed. When we begin consuming more than what is needed, boundaries are removed. Self-discipline crumbles, will power get stuck.

"Jero! When is the time to stop excessive consumerism?" Now. Yes now, not tomorrow or the other day, not on Christmas or even new year. Now!

Here are some tips to consider:

Stop Excess Buying.
You go to the grocery store cause you need to buy food. End of story. Buy only what you need and what you have came for. If you go there to buy food, buy food. If you go there to buy bathroom materials buy bathroom materials. It's not called being thrifty, it's called discipline buying.

Avoid Advertising Media
Advertisements subtly reshape and control our desires around material possessions. And the modern consumption culture that surrounds us begins to make excessive consumption appear natural and normal.

Guess what? It became normal that most people tend to go in debt just to acquire stuff they don't really need. To pay that debt, they work on jobs they don't like.

Stop Using Social Media
Social media is one of the medium that promotes lifestyle envy and dissatisfaction. You want more because you see other people have more. You want to level or even surpass those strangers on material things. Because the worlds majority is composed of materialistic people.

Measuring your success, happiness and peace based on things that can be burnt is just stupid and absurd.

Stop Comparing
Lifestyle envy is a diseased that make people furious and depressed. Comparing yourself to other people is destructive.

Comparing the things you own with other peoples stuff is just plain enviously stupid.

Even How hard you try, you could never be that person. Even if you can afford the stuff they owned, but you can never afford on how they look and feel about those things.

It will only make you empty and dissatisfied of everything.

Iron Willed Mind
Make and wake up your mind. Every tips I mentioned above is useless if your mindset and thought are still addicted to consumerism. Its not a matter of will power, its a mental issue.

Open your mind, discipline it and control it. Your mind is just a part of your total self. Don't be a slave of a combined cells. Don't be a slave of excessive consumerism because you are not.

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Excessive consumption leads to bigger houses, larger jewelry collection, faster cars, trendier clothes, fancier technology, and envious mind. It promises joy and happiness, but never delivers that promise.

Its just emptiness and a need to want more. A desire which is promoted by the world around us.

And it slowly depriving us of our true life and experience. It redirects our own passion and self worth to nothing. Delivering us to the things and job that can never fulfill our true need. It consumes our little mind and ate our resources.

Always remember stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.


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