Monday, May 13, 2019

The Benefits Of Owning Less

Minimalist living defies the culture and society most people grow up with. The society of greed and excessive consumerism. It is contrary to every advertisement we have ever seen because we live in a society that prides itself on the accumulation of possessions.

Minimalism is not about getting rid of everything you own, its about keeping what is necessary for you, and what adds value to your life.

Don't mindlessly buy and acquire all the things you think you want. Then drown yourself in debt. Debt is a terrible prison ,a robbing man made disease. It can and should be eliminated by anyone who wants more freedom and independence in their lives.

Another reason for unable to pursue a minimalist life is envy. Keeping up with the Jones’s is a true definition of envy that makes us wanting more.

F*ck what the neighbors have, f*ck what the neighbors think. F*ck what others have, f*ck what others think. 

They don't care if you went broke or rich. If you can set your foot above them. They are the ones who will envy you.

There is joy and benefits in owning less:

1. Less Stuff, More Space.
It gives more freedom and light in your domain. The feeling of freedom it gives is truly satisfying and refreshing.

2. Less Stress, Less Headache.
A place with less to keep in mind and remember with is really stress and ache free.

3. Spend Less, More Savings.
The lesser you own material things, the more you can save up money. Owning less and making/saving more is essential for financial freedom.

4. Easier To Clean, Less Dirt.
The lesser the items in our home the lesser the dirt and the faster to clean. Saves both time and energy. Energy and time that can be use to other meaningful endeavors.

5. More Time, More Productivity
Owning less means less time to mind, think and care of other stuff. Which means more time to do the things you love.

6. Less Comparisons
You don't compare yourself to others. Envy is not one of your character. You know what you want and what you need. You became more wiser on choosing and decision making.

7. Deep Clear Breath
I don't if most people notice, that if you just cleaned and de-cluttered your room. It feels like you can breath more air and it good to breath the air.

8. Opportunity To Rest
Less stuff, lesser work to be done. More time to sleep, eat and relax.

9. Identifying What You Value Most
You can see and sort the things you need and value most. You will be surprise.

10. Search Easier
Less stuff, easy to find stuff. You don't need to go down on your bed or desk just to find that USB Flash-drive.

Before buying something that you want to buy because you can. Think of this.
Any other things can be used as a means to an end, unless one becomes obsessed with it, then it becomes an end itself.

And ask this.

Do I really need that?
Can I live without that?

Always remember stay lean, stay clean, live life awesomely.


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