About Jero

I don’t like bullshits. I live simple, I like simple things. I believe in doing, saying and upholding the truth.

I don’t like grey areas, it’s only yes or no and truth and lies.

Our Tagline

Stay Lean

Not just lean in posture, but leaner on all aspects of life. Be bold, be strong. Thou shalt not bow to the sheeps.

Stay Clean

Not just in habits but also in character, conscience, moral, law and financials. Avoid debts and unnecessary loans.

Live Life Awesomely

Live life wisely and to the fullest. Be brave, take the courage and grit to do the things you love.

The Goal Is

To continuously improve to be the best version of ourself as humanly as possible. In order to help our-self and others. To spread the truth and love as much as possible. To be the truth everyone wants and need, to change lives.

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