Materials used in this website:
Google Seach Console – just and brave statistics monitor. Check for clicks and impressions. Sitemap is also submitted here.
Inkscape – vector design free software. Used in making logos header and other images.
GIMP – My main photo manipulation and editing program.
Windows OS – The main OS I use.
Linux Ubuntu OS – use for server interaction and site testing.
Google Chrome – Backup browser.
Opera Browser – My main browser.
Notepad – All time favorite all in one writer. Article drafts are written here.
Sublime – Html, css, and script editor.
Honeyview – image viewer, converter, and compressor.
Audacity – audio editing.
VSDC – video editing.
Photoshop – back up photo editor.
Google Drive – links and downloads
GMO Server – this is my domain register and VPS and WordPress server are installed.
Rawtherapee – RAW image manipulator.